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Something ought to be said about the ability of PanTrinbago executive to hold on to power seven months after they were to have an election, they are so sure of themselves that they are telling us what they are going to do in 2014. They are able to manipulate the legal system of T&T and render the opponent  nul and void.

The question that is begging to be asked is why the opposition cannot use the legal system to make them call an election?

If they replace the candidates that's involve in the courts why can't the election be held?

Is the opposition getting the best legal advise?

Just asking.....

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Now we need an Army of such soldiers, when going to war you go with all you got because you know the enemy is comming with the best he has.

Diaz is fighting for the best job in T&T, don't expect him to fight like a gentleman, he is gettin down and dirty so whoever is comming up against him have to know how to fight in the gutter. 

When you fight in the gutter you dont ever come out clean. But I hear your cry. Its not about the fight Cecil its about Pan and where you can take it. DO SOMETHING FOR PAN!!!

The fight [or whatever you choose to call it] is about removing the people who is not DOING EVERYTHING FOR PAN.

Continue the fight gallant soldier, all this helps, we are all in this fight together.

Mr John

It looks like no one in T&T want to cross swords with Diaz, in the mean-time he is growing stronger and using up more and more of PT funds. 

There MUST be ah way to remove these people but first there have to be the WILL  to remove them which I find lacking in T&T pan people.

A good place to start is stopping them from using PanTrinbago funds to pay lawyers to keep them in power, this is NOT PanTrinbago business.

The thing is, how many people are willing to join the fight?  The New visionaries, started, but are not getting the support from the band leaders as they should.  Maybe, the NV need to change their strategy, and go down to ghetto politics?  or back to the "bad john" days of the 50s and 60s, but then it is that same style they are attempting to change. or start or maybe start a propaganda "war", but is that their style?  or tackle the youth in pan, as most of the bands are made up of young people. Just some suggestions for the NV.

Looking back at the legal costs, recently I saw an article in 1 of the local newspapers where a Judge was suggesting that with the amount of money that is being spent by the P.S.A. in legal fees, there should be some way for those fees to be paid out of the pocket of their president Mr. Watson Duke?

Do you see the similarity? another "bad john" leader?

Mr John,

Whatever I've said I am saying it as an outsider looking in, I don't know  all the facts, what I do know is that the New Visionaries did some good work leading up to October 2012 why let all that work go to waste, they should use this time to remind people that eventually there would be an election and they would be ready whenever it is called.

The NV don't have to change their strategy to ghetto politics but it is important that they let the powers that be know that if you have to get down and dirty you could do that too, when Diaz say boo you all should answer back boo boo, as one member said "yuh can't take ah bow and arrow to ah gunfight" you guys have ah gunfight on your hands. 

time  to strike no pan player goes to panorama tell the leager/captain/manager we not leraning any panorama music only road song we learning so the band not going panorama it's up to pan players to save themselves from these people. The Leaders of bands as they are all the same when one gets down to the heart of the matter they put player against player to be in total control so to get this crap stright we as pan players need to strike on the main competition as here it hits them where they hurt most thier pockets even if it takes 100years of no panorama to get rid of the crap,,as one does not need the Leader of a Band to deal with Pan peopl biz. one needs a person who know about Biz. not Pan one who have ideas for the whole body of panplayers and the bands they play in, not as it's now where the leader of a band is the President of the org. for pan this person will only look after his band and forget the rest, with someone who is biz. minded all bands will be looked after

Excellent points Jerome.

I hope special attention paid to the flaws in PanTrinbago constitution which is the cause for the situation we now have.

The people in power should NOT have the right to tell the opposition who to have as candidates.

Two votes per band is stupid, you have big, medium, small and pan round the neck, the bigger band should have more votes.  T he people in power should be able to use PT funds to do anything pertaining to their re-election.

T he people in power should be able to use PT funds to do anything pertaining to their re-election.

Cecil, did you mean to say, The people in power should NOT be able to use PT funds to do anything pertaining to their re-election.  Curious???

You got it Andre, thanks for the correction.


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