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What do you think about Panorama Broadcast quality?

It is my opinion the 2015 broadcast quality of the panorama was the worst we have had in years. Who is responsible? And what happened to CarnivalTV? Why did Pan Trinbago give the contract to the government/CNMG?


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Denette, You are right, I noticed it when a the music had finish on the Radio and the Video finished a Split Second after, And I said, "Did the Band made a mistake?"

what crowd in the north stand?

Does anyone know if there will be a DVD?

The broadcast was terrible and it has been so for years.  As I said on another occasion, in this 21st century a casual listener should be able to tune in to Trinidad and Tobago media at any time and appreciate the true tonal and harmonic beauty of the STEELPAN, our national instrument. We have the technology and the brainpower right here in Trinidad and Tobago to achieve this standard and go even further.  We have been too casual and slipshod with our productions.

Surprisingly and disappointingly poor.

Surprising , because you'd think that a nation's signature festival broadcast to the world would be of the highest quality , even if it meant spending a few extra dollars to purchase bandwidth , or even one of the zillions of those pay per view TV channels.

I'm sure a pay per view subscription at a reasonable price would eventually be successful , even if it took a couple years before it caught on.

Glenroy it has ALREADY caught on - we've had SUPER high-quality HD broadcast for the past few years....  i think we paid trhe equivalent of $US10.00 bucks for it on Carnival TV  -- they ALREADY been doing it RIGHT.   The only reason they didn't do it this year is because, surprise surprise, Pan Trinbago refused them the contract.

Sound was horrible, picture not much better. Did not expect much from Pan Trinbago and those who made the decisions. Sad state of affairs especially if this is the level we can expect for the International Pan Competition later this year. They talk then do nothing good. When will the patience with this type of mediocrity run out?

They need to watch it themselves to see the poor service they are providing for us to view. I am happy to pay for a HD telecast of Panorama any day.

It very hard to come to grip with this form of decision making by Pan Trinbago.  I believe Kitch had a calypso where he sang about the savannah stage, "yuh build it up and take it down and then build it up again" and we continue with the same thinking as times changed. I can understand some of the inner workings in the carnival industry, every year due to the funding from government you as a stakeholder have to allocate your funds wisely,  why not stick with what works?

CarnivalTV Advance Dynamics production raised the bar to what we came to expect. High production quality HDTV broadcast, the sequencing between the bands performances, the interviews and overall coordination between the personnel on the ground and the TV host made me proud to see where we reached in the digital age.

Here we are in 2015 Steelband Panorama and we have gone back to the dinosaur age of telecommunications. 

I have one word from Vancouver Canada sick...

I have seen and listened to the "recording" of Silver Stars final on youtube. It seems to be the same as was shown live and has the same logos over the picture. The sound is much better, or at least louder, than when it was streamed. So if they watch it now they will think it is better than what it actually was.

Very Good reception quality, but there is room for improvement like everything else.  I think better planning for placing of broadcasting equipment etc is good idea.   Also, Pantrinbago need better professional broadcasters, we are too long in this business.  


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