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What do you think about Panorama Broadcast quality?

It is my opinion the 2015 broadcast quality of the panorama was the worst we have had in years. Who is responsible? And what happened to CarnivalTV? Why did Pan Trinbago give the contract to the government/CNMG?


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What!!! Good reception quality ?? 

The local TV signal may obviously been ok , but the live online stream sucked.

Maybe you got a different live feed, because the video and audio feed was of the lowest quality. I couldn't even view it at  full screen on my computer since it became a blur.

And the audio wasn't any better.

The radio broadcast was better but couldn't sink with the video because of the TV delay.

As a matter of fact, the YouTube videos of the panorama replayed on this site may have been from the local TV broadcast,  since the quality were much better than the live broadcast.

Agree, totally!!!

Carnival TV told me directly that - guess who - PAN TRINBAGO refused them the contract to stream this year. Jackasses.

the stream was unwatchable; even without full screen it was a pixelated blur. The sound - which was bad in the first place, kept dropping the volume lower and lower, i had ALL speakers at 100% and couldn't hear a thing.

With the easy availablility of HD,  AND  CarnivalTV having already proved themselves by doing such a great job these past couple years, there was zero excuse for this.  ZERO.

There is no reason whatsoever PTB can give, and nothing they can say, that would make ANY sense in trying to explain why they refused the contract to CarnivalTV who are ready, willing, and eminently able to stream the event in HD as they've done for the past few years. 

PanTrinbago either deliberately sabotaged their own broadcast, or they are just too dotish to know what the hell is going on in the modern world.  Either way the result was the same.  Asshats.

Why am I not surprised to hear that Pan Trinbago is ultimately responsible for the atrocious internet stream on Panorama night? So now the question is which genius in Pan Trinbago made this decision? How do go from the quality of Carnival TV to what CTV provided? Someone in Pan Trinbago needs to be publicly flogged. This made the country look bad to the world. What does the minister have to say about this?


PanTrinbago HAS to be disbanded, period!

They have made a laughing stock of us internationally and insulted yet again all nationals.

Poor quality-audio and video.  We can do better for our people who cannot be at the Savannah.


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