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And the verdict is? What did you like? What did you not like?

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Which of the classical pieces did NOT fit the evening, Patrick? Could have had more classics and jazz, but the mix was okay.

patrick ramdoo Exodus music. After hearing Renagades medley of panorama pieces,the best, honestly cannot be on same CD. My take sun, beaches, calypso, vodka, rum, gin, I can't  see classical music. TT panorama arrangements are too potent. All Stars 'Curry Tabanca' etc. have the crowd off their seats, I believe is what the audience wants. And I am being honest, not to please anyone on the forum.

Amazing show! A few technical glitches - particularly the audio at the beginning of the show-but all in all a fantastic evening. I particularly enjoyed not having to wait on the bands to set up. The classical pieces were superbly played and very impressive but the star of the show was the panorama content, which leads me to ask: how do we address the issues with panorama ?

Patrick and Denise: Allyuh make meh feel better this morning. How many times have I said on this forum that CALYPSO AND STEELBAND is the CULTURE OF TRINIDAD. How many times have I put up "RESPECT YOUR CULTURE" by the Mighty Power.

Patrick Ramdoo: In my books, NONE OF THE CLASSICAL PIECES fit the evening. Ah try to tell over 800 people on YOUTUBE that last night -- but they think they could go to VIENNA and say they got CLASSICAL ... dey MAD oh ME LARD OHH!!!

So what was the evening about? Did ppl go to hear calypso music alone? I guess it's a matter of preference. Classics in NAPA, panorama in de Savannah. Me? I appreciate pan music.
If steelband is the culture of Trinidad, does that mean they should only play calypso? Gimme classics, jazz, Latin,reggae and well.....calypso......if yuh feel like it.

You all know that there are a saying excuse me if I am wrong,Well  I don't care if you all excuse me.Try telling the truth.

the only two(2)bands that came ready to play was Exodus and Renegades

The other (3)bands,no need to mention there name, just came.And didn't make any impact on the concert.

And a next thing there should have been 3 to 4 fans under the tents.

And what I saw, what the camera show was senior citizen

I know that a lot of people might be against me. As I said I don't care,But please tell it as it is..

I agree with you, Exodus and Renegades were best prepared.

Funny how people could listen to one thing and have such different opinions. That's what makes the world so wonderful. Last night was a treat and despite the fact that, I will agree, some was better than others, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Hey Claude, I agree that the show was indeed an impressive one. Sound wise, I found that it was better when I muted the volume on the website and listened to i95.5. Needless to say, the sound specialist needs to improve his/her game. Next, the total number of visitors to the website (when I checked) registered at about 863. Hmm, how global then was this free show seen? I shudder to think that pan lovers around the world are so few in numbers.

Inez: You read my mind on the viewership issue!!! I am glad that you posted the "863"number because I took note of it also. Some time later in the week when the "BUZZ' wears off I will bring that topic up for discussion. Yesterday morning (before the show) I questioned the lack of online enthusiasm leading up to the show. It's great to get some support from you on that score.

But the show was FANTASTIC all shouldas and couldas aside. It is a great starting point.

And I gave up a Trini lime to stay home and watch this eh.lol



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