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And the verdict is? What did you like? What did you not like?

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Excellent and exhilarating!  Each band with its uniqueness enriched the quality of the performance. I loved the surprises--Eddie Cumberbatch, David Rudder Arturo Tappin, Karen Ache in performance, to name a few, non Pan performers--Priceless.

My beef is that we are taking too very long to construct an indigenously superb Carnival/Pan theatre! I believe all engineering challenges would be appropriately met.  What a glory that would be??

Yes! this was musical excellence Steel and Brass, Rapso and Steel, Dr. Jit Project, a "Different Me" straight outta of Laventille and the Stars shining in Vienna, disciplined and partying like Champions.

My favorite were those ping-pong soloists Ramajaying, their band said it all, nobody better than WE, they mash up the jazz classic "Autumn Leaves" and a "Good Morning" making one smile approvingly at the youths, talents galore. Karene Ache "Every Knee Shall Bow" said it all. I say bring back de Ramajay.

Mighty Terror - Tribute To Pan Ramajay


this was GREAT.I enjoy every minute of it. it should be taken all over the world


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