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Which song or songs hit a special note with you? Which song made you hit the replay button? And Why?



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"Mango" by Master Pannist Alston Jack is full-bodied, balanced and gives Tobago her due.   Road March for sure!!!

I think that these composers that penned music with pan in mind did a fantastic job this year, hats off to them and thank you for the music...there are a lot of really good pieces, some better than others according to taste but having to do with melody,theme,rhythm,production...   

These are my top 20 pan potential picks for panorama so far 

1.Men of steel is a rock solid tune for competition...trouble

2.Spankin is a good offering... tempo

3.The wedding is refreshing it definitely stands out as one of the best

4.Pan in the atmosphere is good

5.In De Minor is also good the chorus is tough

6.God's music is special, I really like this one ... inspirational

7.Play more local made me hit the replay button...it's just that kind of song...not so much for panorama but will enjoy master Zanda work his magic

8.Big Yard is a rough and tough song to rock the stage

9.The hills coming down is a wonderful piece of music 

10.also Pan Hurricane is an excellent product for competition

11.The Reason is great as well Tony Barclay came good

12.Excitement is tailor made... it has All Stars written all over it

13.Nothing sweeter than pan has that kithener feel

14.Ah Beautiful invention is good to go

15.Say Yes has that carnival bounce a bit typical though

16.Mango is an example of crossover R&B and calypso done right this piece would change the stage

17.When steel talk is another example of crossover done right love it

18.Pan Scandal is okay

19.Pan in Rio is on to something... the melody rocks ...I like it

20.Pan Man is a standard tune for pan... well done

An interesting list Eye4Pan. I agree with you on Men of Steel. It is a wicked tune. I'm surprise Exodus didn't jump on it. How could you leave out "Blows"? lol 

Zanda should bring the house down with "Play More Local".


Blows did not jump out at me Bugs it just blend in with the others.... what's up with Boogsie I hear scanty is the singer for him this year not sure how true


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