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What is the reason for the north ability to dominate panorama. South only have 1win, if NuTones is from south then it's 2.

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just to make an adjustment...south has more than 1 win:-

*Guiness Cavaliers - 1965 & 1967

*Hatters - 1975

*Londenville Claytones - 2004 (medium) - (tied with merrytones)

*Siparia Deltones - 2007 (Small)

*Pan Elders - 2008 (Small)

Thanks for the correction Marcus, To answer my own question I think it could be because there are more steelbands in  the North and West as oppose to the South and East.

Another (psychological) adjustment. The year when the Professor did Pan by Storm for Fonclaire and won the hearts of everybody in the stand except the judges. They get "tief" into second place  and today how many can remember who was and what the winner played that year?

Lawford, me, Boogsie and all PhaseII fans feel yuh pain. lol 

Agreed that Professor and Fonclaire gave a great performance with Pan by Storm but many people seem to forget that Renegades were out front from the prelims with Ironman, and as much as people do not want to admit it, Renegades' final performance was great!!!!

Barry, you should check that. I think that FONCLAIRE was in front by 23 points from the SEMIS. You should check this one out, I believe this so. Renegades went on to win by 1 point that year.

Hello St. Francois Girls College,

                                                     At Panorama 1990, Fonclaire was never ahead of Renegades.

As far as any band being ahead by 23 points at a semi-final, that only happened once and that was in 1992 when Exodus was 23 points behind, but cameback and won panorama.

Well stated Barry,

                             I like your suttle approach, "Renegades' final performance was great."

You did not use the word, "better." (lol)

For the record, Renegades won over Fonclaire by 2.5 points not 1 as sometimes hear.

I am in Trinidad; If you are in the US you can reach me via majic jack at (954) 380-4590.

My T&T cell Is 316-9483. Thanks,


I know that piece of Renegades history pretty well and Thank for endorsing it, I know you have all the facts on these things right at your finger tips. I'll be in the US for a while again, will try to give you call. Thanks.

Very interesting observation Royce but what I cannot understand is why the north have better arrangers?

There has always been an automatic assumption that everything was better in the north but the reality is that talent is equally distributed all over the island.. It is just that you have more exposure and therefore more opportunities in the north.

Sponsorship played a big part in the bands ability to survive and thrive, and a POS bands had more options

Sponsorship means better organization, and the ability to attract better players and arrangers. As far as arrangers go they come from all over the island.Who can deny that Bobby Mohammed, Earl Rodney,Professor,  are among our best arrangers? and I know there are others..

Bobby Mohammed has said that when the "town" bands won panorama, there were sent on tours, but when Cavaliers won on two occasions  they weren't.The south band didn't receive the perks that their northern counterparts did

The band members resented this, and finally they were taken on a tour by a local entrepreneur, which probably wasn't the best thing for the band, since this resulted in the bands demise.

Opportunities just aren't as available for bands from other parts of the island as the are to the "town"bands, primarily because of location.

So today you will find the better players from all over attracted by the big name POS band.

It's just human nature.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention that the south also produced top quality tuners, Alan Gervais and Burch Kellman, to name a couple.


Glenroy, if talent is equally distributed the south bands and Tobago should do better, seeing that the winners always come from the big 5, these bands should be contenders or closer to the top.


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