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9 years of wrong doing cannot be fixed overnight...it needs patience...is only 7 months my new team in office it gonna take a while for the change we seek to come about. Discussions about planning for Panorama 2020 are occurring a pace..meanwhile finance ministry yet to release the 73million to NCC; so bands could get they appearance fees...Pan is a political football and it have 2 elections in government coming up,..but I have every confidence that my President who is also a seasoned politician herself, to deliver on her stakeholders mandate (unsponsored or sponsored; single pan to large), and not get us tied up like chickens and treating us like sharecroppers in the process..to the slaughterhouse to play fuh free....Prosperity...we say..moving forward they say...we shall see...


I understand that there is currently no PRO on the Pan Trinbago executive board but that does not meant that information cannot be spread amongst the pan world.  I would have thought that the President is able to nominate someone to give out information in the interim .... or is this just an excuse to hold information back from the general public?

This is not "Leadership You Can Trust"!!

Precisely my dear Ingrid, again..while your point is very well made, and do hope that this being read by my CABINET of Central Executive Officers.....and consideration be given to filling the vacancy....7 months in....pan before band, everybody have dey role and function, we must all, do our part.....overburdening the boss....with additional portfolios of vacancies in her cabinet for a protracted period,....is like driving a car on smooth tyres without a spare...yuh good till yuh get a flat

Certainly, using the analogy of the GORTT Cabinet, the Public Relations Officer's at PTB primary mandate which is to Communicate, as directed by the Head of our Pan Cabinet, the President of our organization..at her sole discretion....

One may presume. I suspect that inheriting the messes (financial, courthouse matters, legal fees and more) of the former regime's decisions,......well simply put...they are humans and it is an overwhelming set of circumstances people...fuh real.....and in settling in some measurement(time )of latitude with a wide berth has been given to the President and the members of her team. We are all feeling the pinch, assistance fee for bands to come to the Panorama have been paid...Appearance Fees have not.

Some problems of the presidency are inherited, some are molded by behaviours of previous office holders.....7 months of orientation sink or float de President minding her business, which is my members of the association known as Pan Trinbago.

In that regard, I cannot say that the Executive or the President, so far since assuming office are acting INIMICAL to the interest of "LEADERSHIP You Can TRUST".......

Respectfully submitted 

Gregory: Like you are the new PRO, boy. Yuh only making ah set ah excuses for BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE.

Ah hope she appoint you as the NEXT PRO. But I hope that when you get appointed you don't just become a mouth-piece for BEVERLEY. And I think that I could work with you as an UNOFFICIAL EXPAT ERO.

You and me does get along real good because you understand LIMING and OLE TALK and give and take!!!

So we could work as a team and get this GLOBAL PAN THING MARKETING GOING!!!


My 2 cents is that the PRO is the Press & Communications Officer for the President's Cabinet and by that extension, the internal public voice of the organization within the Republic. I am yet to meet a Public Relations & Communications Officer in Pan Trinbago or any organisation for that matter, where the PRO is tone deaf towards or out of tune with any former PTB President's cabinet. The former PRO, Michael Joseph, service in this regard best exemplifies that even under the worst of circumstances, allegations, public pressure towards allegations of wrongdoing and all; never step out of line with the President or presidential policy. That is the underwritten PRO's cardinal role and function at our organization, within its various publics.

The ERO's role is different in terms of tapping into the global diasporan resources, which outside of their respective Panoramas around the world, remain largely untapped except for major metropolitan centres. It has great potential for our instrument's growth and future innovative initiatives. I am imbued with hope that the current incumbent will continue to orient to his position and rise to the occasion with guidance given our financial constraints.


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