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When did STEELBAND PARTICIPATION on the road for Carnival hit its peak?

Cecil Hinkson and Glenroy Joseph are always clamoring for the return of PANS ON THE ROAD for carnival. And most of us remember PAN being the dominant musical force on the road for Carnival during our window of youth. What year did PAN ON THE ROAD reach its zenith?

Some people point to the 1979 Panorama Boycott as the turning point. Is there a consensus on this?

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I was a lil fella in Symphonettes tell the people how we rule the place Monday and Tuesday, about Shaddow, Boogsie in the window, the gyrls, oh the gyrls.

Steve was she too tired and went home and sleep?

Great essays, Noel and Steve Regis. All people seem to want to talk about today is ways of making profits from the pan.
Not that this is a bad thing, but what seems to be forgotten is the sheer joy of "beating pan" back in the day.

And yes , pan language purists I used the "b" word.

In my memories, nothing compares to the feeling of being behind your pans as a member of a powerful steelband dropping a bomb tune, as the sun rose on a J'ouvert morning, sometime in the nineteen sixties.

great memories. does anybody have a copy of cavaliers from south playing the song "mas"for panorama and what year was that.?? and what calypsonian made and sung the song "mas" "bandit"

David, then again, unless you talking bout "Mas" in Brooklyn, sung by Sparrow when Cavaliers in 1969 ran 2nd the Starlift playing "The Bull"


David the year was 1965, Cavaliers played Melody Mas and won Panorama - the first south band to do so. Unfortunately no one seems to have a Panorama recording of this rendition - not even Bobby Mohammed. The only available recording is an abridged, slower paced version of the tune that was recorded in the pan yard 

Michael, are you telling me that we don't ah video of Cavaliers coming down the straight with all that dust and thunder?

Cecil,   The first successful VCR was invented in 1956 but it wasn't until the late 1970's and early 1980's that the devices became available to the common household

DVD's were invented in the mid 1990's.

'Mas' by Cavaliers was on WST a few months ago. It was 64 and Melody

"MELODY MAS" by Cavaliers was 1st in 1965, North Stars 2nd "Hold on to your man", West side symphony 3rd "Hold on to your man".

I stand corrected. 1965


"Ah going to play mi mas from town to town

widout no fallin down

Ah goin to play in peace widout no fight

from morning to midnight"



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