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... Dey does have to jump through all kinda hoops; tangle with all kinda misdirection; and wait months sometimes to GET PAID.

So all who think that THE GOVERNMENT could just wake up JUST SO and come up with the money to put PANS and STANDS and STICKS and CASES and TEACHERS and DEDICATED BAND ROOMS in HUNDREDS OF SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ... well they either drunk or dey going mad, or maybe dey forgetting that THE OIL PRICES and THE COVID just MASH UP TRINIDAD (sorry Sniper -- ah just steal your lines).

But there is always an option: Anybody could pack dey bags and GO BACK TO TRINIDAD and CURE ALL THE PAN ILLS and STAGNATION ... if it is THAT IMPORTANT TO THEM.

However, you have to BEAT BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE and MARCUS ASH out of THE PAN TRINBAGO OFFICE before you could implement all your PAN IN EVERY SCHOOL PROGRAMS (and doh forget that PAN TRINBAGO is the GOVERNING BODY OF STEELBAND in TRINIDAD and all the PAN MONEY have to go through them) ... ah giving yuh  THREE MONTHS DOWN THERE and then you pack your bags and COME BACK NORTH ... tail and ideas between yuh legs!!!

(Doh forget how they RESENT EXPATS down there!!!)

Just a little dose of reality in a WORLD OF FANTASY.

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Frankly, I don't see what's all the fuss about pan in all the schools, not  to many career options exist for panist..

If yuh is name man, ah challenge yuh tuh make this same comment on Salmon Cupid's post on When Steel Talks Facebook Page, or on PANONTHENET where it (may) really matter/s to him (an not on one of Claude Gonzales' frequent incoherent outbursts on this global forum) . An opinion diametrically opposite to Cupid's. 

I shall not wait with bated breath (ah might suffocate)

Russell. it's like buying a 12 bass and a 6 cello. Salo is an educator I'm not we see things differently, T&T seem to be quite contented with the way things are. 

Ah bet RUSELL PROVIDENCE doh even know what SPURRED Salmon Cupid to put up that posting!!!

...and in that regard you are correct sir.

My point though, is my direct reference to the commentator's reluctance to directly rebuff Cupid's statement to his face, and not tongue in cheek on Claude's rambling.

Hinkson, does not want to upset Cupid, although he disagrees with him, and is heading in the opposite direction.

For all that Cupid has achieved, I have absolutely no respect for him, because he I think he is a cunt, (AND I MAKE NO APOLOGIES TO HIM OR ANYONE WHO IS OFFENDED, BECAUSE HE NEVER APOLOGIZED TO ME FOR HIS INABILITY TO READ OR UNDERSTAND. THE EVIDENCE IS HERE IN WST  ARCHIVES TO INSPECT) for EXPRESSLY ATTEMPTING TO PULL ME UP ON THIS GLOBAL FORUM alleging that I referred to his invention as a gizmo, INSTEAD OF PULLING UP HINKSON WHO in fact CALLED HIS INVENTION A GISMO. That idiot addressed me, claiming that I called his invention A GIZMO. I wish him all the best in his endeavors though. Hinkson could choose to remember or conveniently forget that incident.


Russell: Cecil Hinkson does not like to be CONFRONTATIONAL -- easy read!!!

The E-PAN is a GIZMO!!!

And THE PNM could spend TEN BILLIONS on PAN IN SCHOOLS PROGRAMS (most of which will be STOLEN as demonstrated by DIAZ and FORTEAU) in the NEXT TEN YEARS and ZERO GLOBAL PAN STARS will ever emerge from TRINIDAD despite THE INVESTMENT and MUSIC EDUCATION -- that is where SALMON CUPID WAS WRONG and as he responded EMOTIONALLY to the EMBARRASSMENT faced by the TRINIDAD PAN PLAYERS in the recent INTERNATIONAL RAMAJAY COMPETITION.


But I do PRAISE SALMON CUPID for being (perhaps) the only to openly express THE HURT he felt as the TRINIS  got so openly exposed and humiliated in the recent INTERNATIONAL PAN RAMAJAY COMPETITION and I hope that he continues to FIGHT FOR THE TRINI CAUSE on SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Not just get hot-headed for a few days and then shrivel back in the classroom.

Not that it will help any because when it comes to GLOBAL PAN MUSIC (REAL MUSIC) the TRINI PAN MEN have BEEN LEFT BEHIND!!!

Imagine ah ANTIGUAN said that (indirectly).

Just between you and me: While SIMON CUPID seethes over THE EMBARRASSMENT ... I like Jane: Ah now begin to fete; ah having ah good time; doh break up the lime.

Ah so glad ah live long enough to SEE THIS DAY!!!

Russel, I did call everything that sound like a pan ah GIZMO. I see no need to express my views on his post because I know he want to share his knowledge, the guy is an educator..as I've said before few will be able to make a career from pan so I don't see why every kid should have to do the pan in school thing, those who like it will gravitate toward it.

Cecil you are very correct I support you that kids don't need to participate in pan school thing. My take all the graduates with doctorate and Masters degree in pan have tormenting past qualifying their bands for panorama finals. In fact all  of them prefer to sit with the medium band category [shortcut] and get some credit if they make a place. But all schools should participate in STEM. And the opportunity here for the pan is designing a system to have the steel-band drums on the road and NOT on big trucks for carnival and other festivals. The system should be passive, similar to the old way when pan was pushed literally on the road. In this way new jobs creation for all yearly, and huge cost savings. This should fly for elections.


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