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When Steel Talks extends congratulations to Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - The 2020 Panorama Champions

Congrats to Desperadoes Steel Orchestra. 2020 Panorama Champions

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Thanks for the MUSIC!

Ah, doh want to hear from dem conspiracy theorists... bout this JUMBIE business.

Launch of Carnival 2020 Desperadoes Steel Orch

Did I see the conductor of the National Steel Symphony who is also drill master of Phase II play with Supernovas in the finals?...

Maybe you did -- maybe you didn't.  LOL


Akua? I did not see that myself and I doubt that would be the case.

Ah doh know who shudda win, buh dey thief.

Mercer only with the second place.

2nd place was tied Renegades and All Stars...Spirit lash, oh, I forgot no Jumbie talk for me.

JB Williams
1 day ago
Said it since the prelims; while other bands were narrating a story, Desperadoes was invoking the soul. Bradley spirit was dancing tonight. Well done true champions.

Wayne McDaniel
17 hours ago
Zanda brought "the Ghost of Bradley" with this arrangement.Desperadoes stayed with the tune and did not stray.

Zanda Master of Orchestration...

Deltones - Horner Man Crying

2004 Steelband Panorama
Arranger: Carlton Alexander


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