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Congrats to Joylanders Steel Orchestra the 2020 Medium Panorama Winners

When Steel Talks extends congratulations to Couva Joylanders Steel Orchestra and arranger Stefon West

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Big Up 

You really deserve that win.


He picked a song that just FLOWS ON THE PANS!!!

Claude please tell the Bev to have Joylanders prize money ready by the end of this week.


Claude is this band moving up to the large band category next year? Lots of  kudos for this band, plus how about demoting La Bray Nightingales or Birdsong to small or medium category. These changes may improve competition.

Patrick: This is as close to an answer as I can give you!!!

"Gill added Joylanders is also planning to move from a medium to a large band in the not-too-distant future. He said NGC has also renewed its contract with the band for another three years."


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