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When Steel Talks MORTGAGORS: Think Carefully before you TAKE "ADVANTAGE" of MORTGAGE FOREBEARANCE!!!

It is easy to make an IMPULSIVE DECISION (in this time of FINANCIAL CRISIS) and agree with your LENDER to let you hold on to your $2000 monthly payment for THREE MONTHS ($6,000) without LATE PAYMENTS or DEROGATORY REMARKS on your CREDIT REPORT.

But before you give in to ALL THAT GLITTERS, make sure that you KNOW what you are SIGNING UP FOR because the US CONGRESS always gets the MORTGAGE THING WRONG and it always favors the MORTGAGEE in THE END ... even in LESS TURBULENT TIMES.

I could go back to the SAVINGS and LOANS crisis of the EIGHTIES -- but this is 2020 and if you are interested enough you can do your own DIGGING.

Eventually, the COVID CRISIS will BLOW OVER and MORTGAGEES would have found a way to BENEFIT from the crisis at YOUR EXPENSE. So make sure that YOU UNDERSTAND what you are agreeing to before your $6000 "temporary savings" (which you still have to repay) ends up costing you $20,000 over the next TEN YEARS. Because -- by then -- the COVID SHIP would have SAILED and your calamity would be of very little concern to anyone else ... FRIEND, GOVERNMENT or FOE!!!

Lord have mercy!!! I came on THIS FORUM to advocate for GLOBAL PAN MUSIC and now I gone down ah MORTGAGE TANGENT!!! I could only think of one of my many favourite lines from THE HARDER THEY COME delivered by a NAKED WOMAN in her last bed: "Lord, look what trouble meh gahnn and get mehself into."

But, seriously, this MORTGAGE FOREBEARANCE TING will end up in a quagmire for many homeowners -- so do your DUE DILIGENCE before you ACT.


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Steven Mnuchin, Foreclosure King Of America
Secretary of the Treasury for the .01 percent.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin doesn’t exactly come across as the guy you’d want in your corner in a playground tussle. In the Trump administration, he’s been more like the kid trying to cop favor with the school bully. That, at least, is the role he seems to have taken in the Trump White House. When he isn’t circling the Sunday shows stooging for the president, he regularly plays the willing fall guy for tax policies guaranteed to stoke further inequality in America and for legislation that will remove just about any consumer protections against Wall Street.



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