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When Steel Talks Not Welcome at New York's 2014 Steelband Panorama as Members of the Press

New York, USA - USSA (United States Steelband Association) President Martin Douglas informed When Steel Talks on Thursday August 28, that current WIADCA (West Indian American Day Carnival Association) President William R. Howard, has been counseled by “lifers” (that is, people who have occupied—and still remain in same—key positions in WIADCA for decades) - to not issue Press Passes for When Steel Talks to cover this year’s New York Panorama, which comes off on the evening of Saturday August 30 on the grounds of the Brooklyn Museum. WIADCA are sole producers and organizers of the event.

This decision came, William Howard stated to Mr. Douglas, because he was told of articles WIADCA deemed negative toward their organization - relative to a specifically-named individual, a former key New York criminal justice official— interestingly enough that When Steel Talks has in fact never written about.


Mr. Douglas had previously repeatedly assured When Steel Talks that the Press Passes would be issued, and in fact that they would be available since Monday August 25.  However on the evening of Thursday August 28, Mr. Douglas informed When Steel Talks of Mr. Howard’s decision that they would not be issued, and why.


William R. Howard is in his first year of power at WIADCA as the organization’s President, and so is Martin Douglas – in his first year of power - as USSA’s President. Speaking to When Steel Talks, Mr. Douglas implied that he himself was “powerless” to remedy the situation, although he in fact represents almost all the steel orchestras in New York.

The annual Panorama at the Brooklyn Museum is a musical event showcasing some of the finest steel orchestras on the North American continent, with complements sometimes reaching one hundred musicians each.  When Steel Talks/PanOnTheNet has generally been issued Press Passes throughout the years and has consistently and comprehensively covered and reviewed this musical showcase in articles, pictures, and/or video.

Click for coverage of the 2013 New York Panorama by When Steel Talks/PanOnTheNet


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Andre- they must be talking bout the DA Charles Hynes (friends of Wiadca) That Article was not posted by WST,


This is where WST gives the Members Liberty to post anything we want to Post on this Web site concerning Steel pan/ Band and we give thanks to WST. The only  thing is, WST get blame for it. But we the MEMBERS OF WST ARE GOING TO STAND FIRM IN THE DEFENCE OF WST (the best Steel pan/ band Web site in the world)

Thanks for expounding the raison d'être for why dey vex. Look like it's not only the Mecca in T&T which needs clean up with a new vision, but that's where it should start. The Ghost's blueprint and the NV's movement seem to make more and more sense, ent...

The Ghost's blueprint and the NV's movement always make sense

Andre- This fella MR William (R) Howard (cannot leave out  the R he might get mad) was there all the time, he was the Vice President when all that mess was going on, so, It's the same Soup it only just Warmed over, lol

 He is one of the LIFERS.

I knew it was just a matter of time before they would abuse their power, I just never thought they would target WST.

It still breaks my heart to know that the bands had the chance to break away from WIADCA, but instead choose to remain it's slaves; now it is what it is. WST is the best thing that's happened to the NY bands since the invention of sliced bread, they have always pushed for excellence in terms of sound/recording for the steel band at this event, not to mention other things also.  Now it seems WIADCA is tired of WST and has decided to clip their wings, ....who knows, maybe they don't want to get another annual "F" rating for their sound production.

Unfortunately, I don't think there's too much that can be done....it is what it is.


It is what it is.......that's steelband.

WST is the best thing that happened to steel band.  The whole steel band world depends on WST for pan info. There will be a lot of disappointed people tomorrow.  These are some of the things that is holding back pan all these years.  We as a people allow this to happen.  We must stand up for WST.  It's called freedom of the press.  If you can't deal with negative from the press you are in the wrong position.

Shocking !

Many of us pay homage to the concept of free speech without truly understanding the concept ,

Thankfully , WST have allowed us to have an open forum that allows us to vent our opinions , good or bad. without censorship.

it is extremely shortsighted for steelband organizations to try to punish WST for allowing us to exercise that freedom , instead of celebrating it , and taking advantage of the freedom the forum allows to all.

I guess . like politicians , they would prefer selective censorship.

They should be ashamed!

The ones whose efforts are most denigrated by all this nonsense wherever it crops up - Trinidad comes readily to mind as well - are the players. The people with pan in the head and heart, and sticks in the hands, and people at home moaning "You love pan more than me". Without the players there is no music.

We in the Virgin Islands make little noises (usually around Panorama time at the meetings) about forming a steel band association but it never happens. Maybe we're better off simply continuing to deal with one another as peers and just coordinating on an ad hoc basis for specific events and needs. No politics. No power trips. No money melee. Just pan. I'm not seeing where the clout attained by any steel band associations exceeds in value the problems.

AS a johnny come lately I am not aware of the politics  involved but I must speak on behalf of WST  acknowledging that it is the reason most pan men can reach out to one another.I have been in the business for over 40 yrs and I never knew as much about the industry as I have in the last few years...Thanks to WST..I hope this could be worked out...the whole pan industry will benefit by it ...thanks for letting me speak my piece...

Old habits die hard.  So the gangsters are back at WIADCA. Why have we not heard from USSA?



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