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When Steel Talks Not Welcome at New York's 2014 Steelband Panorama as Members of the Press

New York, USA - USSA (United States Steelband Association) President Martin Douglas informed When Steel Talks on Thursday August 28, that current WIADCA (West Indian American Day Carnival Association) President William R. Howard, has been counseled by “lifers” (that is, people who have occupied—and still remain in same—key positions in WIADCA for decades) - to not issue Press Passes for When Steel Talks to cover this year’s New York Panorama, which comes off on the evening of Saturday August 30 on the grounds of the Brooklyn Museum. WIADCA are sole producers and organizers of the event.

This decision came, William Howard stated to Mr. Douglas, because he was told of articles WIADCA deemed negative toward their organization - relative to a specifically-named individual, a former key New York criminal justice official— interestingly enough that When Steel Talks has in fact never written about.


Mr. Douglas had previously repeatedly assured When Steel Talks that the Press Passes would be issued, and in fact that they would be available since Monday August 25.  However on the evening of Thursday August 28, Mr. Douglas informed When Steel Talks of Mr. Howard’s decision that they would not be issued, and why.


William R. Howard is in his first year of power at WIADCA as the organization’s President, and so is Martin Douglas – in his first year of power - as USSA’s President. Speaking to When Steel Talks, Mr. Douglas implied that he himself was “powerless” to remedy the situation, although he in fact represents almost all the steel orchestras in New York.

The annual Panorama at the Brooklyn Museum is a musical event showcasing some of the finest steel orchestras on the North American continent, with complements sometimes reaching one hundred musicians each.  When Steel Talks/PanOnTheNet has generally been issued Press Passes throughout the years and has consistently and comprehensively covered and reviewed this musical showcase in articles, pictures, and/or video.

Click for coverage of the 2013 New York Panorama by When Steel Talks/PanOnTheNet


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Key words "In his first year of POWER". It's the very reason why the "steelband" , except for the tonal quality of the pans, has remained stagnant for over fifty years. Is it possible that they are looking for "money to pass"?? Just a thought.

I am afraid to say anything negative about these idiots for fear they may ban me from walking on the sidewalks by the museum, eh?

WST would remain WST, while these crabs would continue their crawl to the top of the barrel and so it goes.

Allyuh go kill we......................................nah!......... allyuh don dead aready............."""POWER"""!!!

Looks like USSA are waiting till after the Labor Day Celebration to take a Stand about this Situation (don't want to rock the Boat) but USSA will have to do something or else they might be next.

Mr. Douglas implied that he himself was “powerless” to remedy the situation, although he in fact represents almost all the steel orchestras in New York.


If Mr. Douglas is Prez. of USSA and he is "powerless", then it's a kinda figurehead position. I know the feeling. 

This is a travesty of extraordinary proportions. Mas as a grotesque turn of a blind eye and a deaf ear.

And it's not even Jouvert yet.

Well, well, look wey pan reach!!!

Even if the excuse sounds specious, the action of the Carnival body has smacked culture in the face with criminal intent.

All I know is, if Arnim Smith were around, it would have been 1979 redux. 

Never too late to boycott Panorama. Where are the defenders of pan?

Dalton Narine

You hit the nail on the head Dalton. This is not Arnim Smith. This is USSA and looks like they sold WST out.  In order for this happen, USSA had to have known what was going on. 


Hey, Bugs, we need an investigative reporter. I wonder what he or she would turn up. Where is Les Slater when you need him? I'm sure he won't remain silent for long. Slater is well-respected. Expect him to weigh in.


"Well, well, look wey pan reach" Dey eh reach noway.

People with Small Minds and Petty grievances are Running WIADCA. It's a Shame and total Disrespect to The West Indian Community and The Pan Fraternity as a Whole that they Should take Such a Stand against the Only Body that Promotes Pan and it's Music to the International Pan World. Pan People all Over depends on When Steel Talks for all Information Concerning Pan. I Sincerely Hope that Good Sense Will Prevail and WIADCA will Change their Hard Stance and Issue the Appropriate Passes to When Steel Talks so that they can Continue the Great Job that they have been doing through out the Years. It's Not To Late.

Back to the barricades.    These "new" heads of WIADCA & USSA must go!   Next!

Yvette, Right now its more WIADCA than USSA, We have USSA on stand by to see how this thing going to play out,

USSA is a toothless bulldog.  Apologies to the toothless bulldog.

Hoping this does not telegraph a way out that WIADCA can use to try to sabatoge WST, but since there is often more than one way to skin a cat, couldn't pan-fans roaming the outside/drag before the enter the track to the stage not capture the Steelbands in the last rehearsals before they do the final performance? Same with stage-side by fans inside the audience? What is to prevent such AV reaching WST? Live or post panorama? Just sayin'...


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