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When Steel Talks Not Welcome at New York's 2014 Steelband Panorama as Members of the Press

New York, USA - USSA (United States Steelband Association) President Martin Douglas informed When Steel Talks on Thursday August 28, that current WIADCA (West Indian American Day Carnival Association) President William R. Howard, has been counseled by “lifers” (that is, people who have occupied—and still remain in same—key positions in WIADCA for decades) - to not issue Press Passes for When Steel Talks to cover this year’s New York Panorama, which comes off on the evening of Saturday August 30 on the grounds of the Brooklyn Museum. WIADCA are sole producers and organizers of the event.

This decision came, William Howard stated to Mr. Douglas, because he was told of articles WIADCA deemed negative toward their organization - relative to a specifically-named individual, a former key New York criminal justice official— interestingly enough that When Steel Talks has in fact never written about.


Mr. Douglas had previously repeatedly assured When Steel Talks that the Press Passes would be issued, and in fact that they would be available since Monday August 25.  However on the evening of Thursday August 28, Mr. Douglas informed When Steel Talks of Mr. Howard’s decision that they would not be issued, and why.


William R. Howard is in his first year of power at WIADCA as the organization’s President, and so is Martin Douglas – in his first year of power - as USSA’s President. Speaking to When Steel Talks, Mr. Douglas implied that he himself was “powerless” to remedy the situation, although he in fact represents almost all the steel orchestras in New York.

The annual Panorama at the Brooklyn Museum is a musical event showcasing some of the finest steel orchestras on the North American continent, with complements sometimes reaching one hundred musicians each.  When Steel Talks/PanOnTheNet has generally been issued Press Passes throughout the years and has consistently and comprehensively covered and reviewed this musical showcase in articles, pictures, and/or video.

Click for coverage of the 2013 New York Panorama by When Steel Talks/PanOnTheNet


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Like I have said in the past that we are our worst enemies as Trinbagonians. Nuff said !

WIADCA's censorship of WST and their decision not to stream the Panorama (PPV) make Pan Trinbago look like exemplary Efficiency.....with a capital E.

Surely the musicians must take a stand against their rank stupidity.

Politics and bacchanal aside, this is really sad news - particularly for those of us overseas. We rely on WST/Pan on the Net to keep us informed. To exclude them from covering the competition is to exclude all of us. Hopefully those who are acting at gatekeepers will not deprive pan lovers worldwide from sharing this important event ... please!!!!

Good luck to all the arrangers and musicians this evening.

Essentially T&T was banned by WIADCA from NY Panorama.

WST ... WIADCA  is afraid that U may expose their dishonesty, and victimazation of "Pan men", what else could it be?

Pantrinbago and other organizations are doing this as well...

After Hearing the First 4 Bands Play at this Year NY Panorama. I Can Say that D"Radoes Will Surely Win the Panorama Without a Doubt.

Ah they say right now is between D'Radoes and Casym

According to one of my Panman souces, after 9 Bands have played, it looks like D'Radoes, Casym. Despers usa, Adlib getting ready to go on stage now

Oh Gorman, daz it, commentary, no sample to listen, geez... :-)

The voice of the people.

Congrats to D"radoes on the Gallant Victory against a Very Competitive Field. Hard Work and Dedication Really Paid off this Time. Hope this is a Start of Many other Victories. Well Done BJ Marcelle.


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