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Where is the Junior Panorama? Zero coverage!! Outrageous! Who is responsible?

Veteran steelpan music song writer and educator Mark Loquan raised the valid question about the lack of information on and visibility -any at all - of the Junior panorama in Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Loquan has consistently championed music education in schools.

Today was the finals of the Junior Panorama, yet based on the total apparent lack of live media coverage  - certainly online, on any Trinidad & Tobago radio outlet, or tv station - one would never know that.

Every year the coverage of the Junior Panorama has gotten worse.

This is a classic case of mixed-up priorities.There is nothing more important than the youth. In this regard, Pan Trinbago and the Trinidad and Tobago government have failed the youth miserably.





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And rusty used up old coins for that matter,that is the change we got.
Why haven't Pan Trindago  issued a statement as yet, Where is Mr.Diaz and his members on this one. I await.

Why are we surprised at the treatment of our precious jewels? When a group of our young athletes who were training and are due to represent T+T in an international meet in two months can be chased off the athletic track at the Hasely Crawford Stadium so that workmen can build a stage for a fete; and when the police can close off a road near said stadium (Fitzblackman Drive to be exact)  from 6.30am Mon.28 February because preparations were being made for a fete at the stadium for 8.00pm that same night with no consideration for Goodwill Industries and the hundreds of children with disabilities in their care! Thank God the lady in charge was strong, she kicked up a stink and made them re-open the road.

They say they care about the children of T+T but it is all about the adults, remember the schools panorama was in limbo less  than a month ago.  


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