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Can anyone in the pan movement in Ontario, Canada please tell me what is happening to the O.S.A. ( Ontario Steelband Association ). There is absolutely no information on their website, and as a matter

of fact, I’m not sure that it’s even still functioning ( both the website and the Association ) There have been no meetings of any kind for the past year and as a matter of fact, if you go on to their website,there is a note from the webmaster stating, “ if you are the owner of this site ……”

   I have been asking some of the older heads about this situation and all I keep hearing is, “well boy, I really eh know what going on nah”. My response to this association, if you , the President or Chairman

or whomever,  is not interested in representing the pan people and steel band lovers in this country, at least have the common decency and resign or at least, call a meeting and ask for a new board of

directors to be elected .  

  There seems to be only a handful of people that have kept the pan movement going in this town,but it seems that there is nothing being done by those individuals that were given the assignment to “do something for pan”  People like Wendy Jones who has been doing the odd concert, the La Pierre’s who have always been there in the background and also Salah Wilson, who has been an Ambassador in

the pan movement, holding pan tuning clinics, teaching youngsters how to play our National Instrument, and carrying the pan to new heights. But what of the O.S.A….. nothing.

Once again, no respect for the pan. My advice to you, either shit or get off the pot !

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Missing in action?



Is the O.S.A. different to any other steelband organization?

I guess not Cecil, it's a hit and miss kind of a thing...

It is because of that mentality T&T will watch others prosper from something we invented.

A couple of years ago the OSA decided to change its name and is now incorporated as the Canadian Federation of Steelpan.  Here is a link to the new website http://canadianfederationofsteelpan.org/

Thanks for the info Larry... but is the Canadian Federation of Steelpan, one and the same organization as the Ontario Steelband Association. I guess my question is, why take on the whole of Canada when you can't work with the one Province of Ontario.

Good point Jerry.


They have been loosing money for the last three years,  like pan trinbago and Pan Is Beautiful  OAS bands have not

been paid ALL of their Seed Money from the FMC for the last Three years . Their last Panalive Show was RAINED OUT There is no OSA anymore .The Canadian Federation is a different body run by a past president of OSA and is also disfunctional.

Most of the steelbands except for a few are also Disfunctional..

Thanks Aldwin,

What a sad state of affairs and total disrespect for pan. So you mean that all these pan sides that come to the Pan Alive competition every year, doing so for the love of pan and bragging rights.. Is it the ownership or the people behind these organizations that run everything into the ground. PanTrinbago is supposed to be the worlds leading authority on the governance of pan, they don't seem to be setting any sort of an example to other organizations concerning the steelband. Guess it's a case of monkey see, monkey do. I hope that when Japan or some other foreign country takes over the manufacturing and leadership of the instrument, we're not all going to be left out in the cold .....or hold on, isn't that happening already ?




What ah SAD tale, we all know that being DISFUNCTIONAL is not new to the steelband.

So wait... does this mean that Pan Alive for 2014 in Toronto is not happening ?


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