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Which Arranger Made The Biggest Impact On Our Large Bands Panorama?

From 1963 to Present Which Large Band Panorama Arranger Had The Biggest Impact on Our Panorama Music. Why Would You Choose That Arranger?

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We all know about Woman is Boss, but Pan on the Move and Pan on the Run is more innovative. For me.

my choice is Anthony Williams, being able to be a Great Arranger and A Great tuner,  no Arranger have acomplished that Skil but him, The only arranger that can do that . there is no other, and there might be no other,

Good choice. We need to recognize more than who win the most.

Bede,  Neville Jules also did that along with Berthie Marshal. Neville Jules was the tunner/arranger for Trinidad All Stars from the early years until he migrated and continued arranging even after that.

i still would sa tha anthony Williams was superior of all, my view,


I think our mistake is trying to make comparisons with people like them, They were pioneers when back in those day they were leader, tuner. arranger, innovator and even surrogate father to the younger members (and i know from personal experience) and i know their are others like them in other parts of the country who may not be as known as they are, and while i understand your feeling towards Anthony 'Tony' Williams, I would not compare him to others, for he and others like him are in a class by themselves.

Deliberately vague or unwittingly so, it's all in good fun. Shortest introduction ever, longest bass solo, first own composition--Holman. To each his own.

Even though I love and enjoy the music of Bradley, Boogsie, Ray, Anthony W, Robert G etc etc, have we all forgotten what Bobby Mohammed did to the Panorama world for his first win......Did someone say "Mash up town"

I wonder if the other arrangers at that time grudgingly went back to the drawing board ?
There's no right or wrong answer. And I respect your opinion.

Pan by Storm by Ken Professor Philmore and Fonclaire.

Leon 'Smooth' Edwards took music to a different level at a time when everyone was playing pan songs or songs specifically written for pan by an arranger. You only have to look at the catalog of party songs chosen by Smooth and we can see who the ultimate arranger of all time is. Lets give the stats a quick rundown by band and music. 

Panorama Best

  1. Trinidad All Stars - Woman On The Bass Leon Smooth Edwards
  2. Renegades - 'Mystery Band' Jitt Samaroo
  3. Trinidad All stars "The Hammer" Leon Smooth Edwards
  4. Trinidad All Stars - Unknown Band (1981) Leon Smooth Edwards
  5. Trinidad All Stars - Curry Tabanca Leon Smooth Edwards
  6. Fonclaire 1990 Pan By Storm Ken Professor Philmore
  7. Desperadoes Steel Orchestra "Fire Coming Down" Robbie Greenidge
  8. Trinidad All Stars "Doh Back Back" Leon Smooth Edwards
  9. Phase II - Woman Is Boss Len Boogsie Sharp
  10. Renegades - Guitar Pan Jitt Samaroo
  11. Trinidad All Stars - "Dus In Deh Face" Eddie Quarless
  12. Phase II Pan Groove - Pan Rising Len Boogsie Sharp
  13. Renegades - 'The Bees Melody' Jitt Samaroo
  14. Phase II Pan Groove "This Feeling Nice" Len Boogsie Sharp
  15. Despers – Rebecca Clive Bradley
  16. Phase II Pan Groove "I Music" Len Boogsie Sharp
  17. Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - 'Different Me" Carlton Zander Alexander
  18. Desperadoes – Party Clive Bradley
  19. Trinidad All Stars - Full Extreme Leon Smooth Edwards
  20. Fonclaire - Len"Boogsie" Sharpe's "Fire Down Below" Ken Professor Philmore
  21. Hatters - Tribute to Spree Simon Steve Achaiba (Only South band to ever win panorama as a big band)
  22. Skiffle Bunch - Coffee Street (Honorable mention) Andy Narell
  23. Trinidad All Stars – Showtime Leon Smooth Edwards (Playing from position #1 in the finals)

Now tell me in all honesty who holds the title of best arranger. Smooth by the numbers has had 9 1st places 9 2nd places and 6 3rd places in panorama and that is with a 10 year absence from the panorama stage and arranging. Starting in 1980 all the way to 2017 he is the longest standing arranger with a single band. if that is not impact WHAT IS?


Martin, many in the pan fraternity has been totally ignoring what has been in their faces all these years, and it's the power and abilty of the man/arranger Leon 'Smooth' Edwards. I guess part of it is because he don't move around with flare or fanfare as some of his counterparts and has maintained a level of anonymity, not so much by choice but mostly by humility, and even being the MOST successful/dominant arranger in the country to date, his name is still not mentioned whenever the topic of great arrangers come up.


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