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Jason says -

"why is it the every year ADLIB never gets on the recording basement needs to make the drive to long island and record!!!! Adlib is now one of the top bands n the NY pan scene n get the short end of the stick."

Hi Jason;

Thanks for your post. First, Basement Recordings would love to capture ADLIB. And in this regard we tried to work out a schedule to have that done this year with ADLIB management, as we have attempted to do every other year past. Due to scheduling and other issues it did not happen this year. Basement Recordings has inquried in the past about recording ADLIB for the Panorama season. It is up to ADLIB's management to make that happen.

In reagrds to ADLIB being a top New York band, indeed ADLIB has acheived that status. However, our impetus for the bands we choose to record is not based on status, or who is the "reigning champion" - as you can see by checking the bands we have recorded over the years. There are New York bands who, for years, value being recorded by Basement Recordings, and ensure their music is documented, and have made their being recorded a PRIORITY. Therefore, logically we are committed to those orgainzations first. In fact they already know what day and time they will be recorded next year 2010. Despers USA was ready to record the week before panorama week (August 24-28) - so important was it to the organization.

Again we would love to record ADLIB - as we did some years aback - but it is up to ADLIB to make that happen. Incidentally, you may know, that ADLIB is the first steel orchestra that Basement Recordings recorded a full 11-track CD - "ADLIB - 'We've Only Just Begun' - in 2002 - http://www.basementrecordings.com/nap/adlibers/adlbnews/prlseadb.htm; http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=35397


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i dont mean to add fuild to the fire but i to will agree with gospel the audio is very good but the sound is very bad my question is was basement the one who did the recording
because all their work in the past has be very good ????and every body makes mistake at some times but if that is the case why not learn from it
No, Momo;

Basement had nothing to do with this product you speak of or any other product ever produced by WIADCA!!


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