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Who is the best overall Pan Tuner in Trinidad and Tobage

Dear WST "Members" There has been talk over the the past decades as to who is the best pan tuner in

Trinidad and Tobago.Could you make your selection for the top (10) ten present or passed Pan

Tuners?. This question should be very interesting among the many pan lovers out there. 

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Does anyone recognize the trademark "stamp" on this Low C Lead Pan (tenor-soprano) arrayed in cycle of fifths?  Tuner's Name?

I could be wrong but that looks like it was already on the drum before it was sunk... lots of pans have that type of thing on them

Probably, someone mentioned the trademark came from an oil drum from the Van Leer company in La Brea, will look for serial numbers/names on the seam on the rim, it's an old one, but still going, thanks...

Dellevi,that is not a Low C pan,very novice looking,dents,hammer marks,poor grooving with welding,difficult to recognize the trade mark of a tuner by looking at a pan like long ago,as tuners today hire different pan builders to construct their pans not being able to build the volume of pans to be tuned.

Van Leer made drums with a stamp/trade mark for companies which tuners sometimes obtained. When they made specifically for pan,they were stamp free.

They were all great tuners.  But there was only one genius among them- Alan Gervais


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