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In the history of the steelband, which one will you say is the greatest of all times? [in terms of accomplishments]

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What is Soca By The River?

accomplishments? what about innovations. I remember people were anxious to see and hear [annually] what new Pan invention Desperadoes was debuting in the R Charles era . 9 base, chariot etc. Desperadoes was the first  band to actually face the judges. They caught a lot of flack for that decision. Today, all bands have followed that trend.

Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals.

Dorothy Height

Ah more confuse than ah was before, so leh we put an end to this topic once and for all

Who is the greatest just type one word Despers. or All Stars?

Only three words can sum it up "Triple Crown Winners"

Pan Am North Stars. Ah done with this topic. Blessings.

I agree with Hinkson, time to stop the discussion on this topic. The average pan enthusiast would mention Desperadoes, All Stars, Renegades, Exodus and Phase II as the "greatest all time" so we should highlight all of these steel bands. Each one of these steel bands are international cultural ambassadors, crowd pullers, excellent entertainers and well accomplished.

These bands are the locally branded as the "big five" not just for panorama but for reasons mentioned above.

When you look at it they are the "greatest all time".

I hear you Rodney K, how about YOU posting another topic?

Look, the question asked was 'In the history of the steelband, which one will you say is the greatest of all times? [in terms of accomplishments]'

I think it disingenuous of people to want to back out of the discussion now that the question asked has been clearly answered with facts. One of the problems with the pan community has been an unwillingness to 'give jack his jacket'. In terms of accomplishments, the answer is Trinidad All Stars. Now go love up your favourite band, love up the pan, give all bands their respective props, but don't disrespect or or try to diminish the band from hell yard.

Ok DJ lets start giving Jack his jacket the band from the Hell Yard is the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES.


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