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My nomination as the greatest pannist ever has to be Robert Greenidge. The style, the phrasing, the sensitivity of this man's ability to beat pan, is in my humble opinion, unsurpassed.
My favorite piece? "Paradise Garden" from the CD Heat. Check it out.

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Len"Boogsie" Sharpe -the Mozart of Pan..........arranger,composer and player........the Best Pannist ever......My favorite
piece?.......too numerous to mention.
Len 'boogsie Sharpe is the greatest pannist
Hey Patrick, that's you man!! LOL

Listen, you are the best pannist right now man, serious...Boogsie and Greenidge can't touch you man!
Patrick doh start dat, Boogsie is the best pan beater, but Robert is the best pan player.
boogsie is the greatest he has out played robert everytime go back and get a tape of panshoot out at d sparrow hideaway that's just one to name a few robert is good but the best allround pannist is the mozart of pan MR LEN BOOGSIE SHARPE GO LISTEN TO RAIN FOREST
i'll go with robbie greenidge as d best pan player. . . . to me he PLAYS the pan very clean and i luv to hear him improvise. he is very talented...
I don't mean to be picky but.......ever?

How can a pannist be the best ever, like there will never ever be anyone greater ?
Remember when people used to say Jordon was the best ever...until Kobe and a few others came on the scene? Jack Nicklaus is considered to be the greatest golfer to play the game in terms of what he's accomplished...but do you know there's a Tiger on his back? Yes, Mr. Woods is already further ahead in terms of wins at his age then Jack was at the same age.

I don't think we should ever say the "greatest ever", why not the greatest player today or something like that?
I agree with Gospel Pan.
I feel that these "Best ever", "greatest ever" discussions do not contribute to the greater good and unity of pan people...especially when there is no establish standard of measurement...

It would be so much better if we would say "among the greatest"...or establish some order of measurement like "last album sold 2 million copies" so he/she/they are the greatest....or they won the most championships, so they are the greatest PANORAMA band...etc. etc.

But to simply blanket something as vast, diversed and complexed as the pan industry...with a statement such as the greatest "anything," is not progressive...it is backwards...
for me, music in general is not about the best but what captures the imagination for that one moment in time.

listening to the likes of boogsie and greenidge, when pan players are in their musical infancy are amazing and the things they can do are untouched, but when you hear the likes of john coltrane, herbie hancock, gonzalo rubalcaba, etc etc, we tend to start questioning and listening from a different angle.

if being the best is down to who gets most earplay or the most prestige "which could be the case" then andy narell must win hands down, followed closley by liam teague. however boogsie is my favorite player. earl rodney is well worth a listen, plus there are many young players with know where to apply their trade to be heard and appreciated.
for pan to move on we need players of all caliber, niches and levels. we need personalities and madmen, shy,quiet but deadly assassins.
for the last 30 years or so the question of who's the best has been Boogsie or Greenidge... is there no one else or are we too afraid to listen elsewhere???????
Prince "the seed" Rodney from Port of Spain that came to Arima was an amazing player. He played with Desperadoes in the Early days, with the likes of Beverly Griffit and others, they came to Arima to visit this man way back, Robert Greenidge was a you man learning from those old Despers Pan Masters, its is quite a difficult task for someone to claim to be or was the "Greatest Pannist" of all time, I agree with panjumbie. There are Steelpan Musician that will leave you speechless on your quest for your greatest player. If you heard Allan Gervais along with tuning his own pan, playing "tenor pan"? Guess you never heard about Bobby Mohammed from Cavaliers, Scorpion from Tropical Harmony they sat and played their Steelpans, I can go on to Hugh Borde, Tommy Crichlow, Earl Rodney who composed the songs also arranged for the Mighty Sparrow, Stalin and others, Then ther are some others according to Jumbie " yuh dont listen"


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