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Who were the Pannist sent to represent T&T at the 1967 Expo World's Fair in Montreal, Canada.

This group was the official home based band in the T&T Pavilion and played daily. Some of the players were Knolly from the Coast Guard, Tobagonian Cesar, Roach, Briathwaite from the Police Services.This group was made up of Government employees for obvious reasons, discipline etc. Does anyone know the other players? Esso Tripoli led by Hugh Borde also appeared.

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Glenford Peters not related to winston peters ,I hope I have a photo of the group that you are speaking off they include my brothers in law ;; Steve Regis and Raphael Passey ,also included are Bobby Mohammed Bertrand Kellman Glenford Sobers Elton John[smokey] who passed recently that was the band that played daily. this was the band sent by T@Tto Expo 67 .

Nah, no relations but you never know. Post the picture. Butch must have been the tuner. Was Bobby Mohammed the arranger? Good to see him making ah come back. Saw him on the WST one on one, very insightful. RIP Mr. and Mrs. (Smokey)John.

Is Wire ah nick name. That's my dad's nick name "Wire" for obvious reason. 

Yes Wire was given to me in 1956 when i played in my first steelband then the name of that band was Lil Carib steel band captained by Stokley Jack from Carib street in San Fernando WHY ? I was thin like elect wire . Now the whole pan world knows.
Exacary, so is my ole man.
You probably didn't know me, but I knew you when you were skinny, Wire:)
Courtney Leiba who lives in Australia

"Scratcher Man" played with Esso Tripoli.


Two of them were Knolly Modeste and Michael Roach, both from the Regiment (not Coast Guard). They also attended Presentation College (Chaguanas), like me, and were members of the college's Cadet unit--as I was. They did not return home after Expo. They went AWOL. I have no current news on Michael, but Knolly, a very talented person, lives in Montreal and still makes the nightclub rounds as a self-accompanied singer/entertainer. There were other soldiers in that band, but since I had just returned to the Regiment following two years training at Sandhurst, I do not remember their names. I remember Knolly and Michael because we were friends.


Michael Roach is still here in Montreal and still playing some Pan with Skippy Maingot and Marshall in  'Montreal "Playboys" and of course Knolly is doing what you stated
The Combined Forces must have had to recruit new blood with all the AWOLs. That made them all Pan Pioneers outside of TnT and set the table for those that followed ;-)))))))))
First trip out of T&T was to see Esso Tripoli @ Expo '67 in Montreal. A wonderful experience. Knew all the guys. Wasn't too familiar with the armed forces band.

I was there at the Expo 67 and remember the steel band Tripoli palying on floating raft

in a pool of water , it was one of the main attraction at the fair , the rythm section was very

impressive especially the man playing the scrape.( very good)


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