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Ok pan people the time has come lets hear who you like for the first 3 spots in tonight finals.

I am staying with the same 3 bands I picked from the prelims.

Phase II



Good luck to all the bands.............We doh want no tie for first place.

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My picks for the first three spots in tonight's Panorama finals are as follows:

1. Trinidad All Stars

2. Exodus

3. Phase II

Looking forward, with eager anticipation, to a tightly contested competition.
May the best band win!

Arthur, there is no doubt that Ray have Skiffle sounding great, I would like to see them do well this year.

From what I saw Skiffle is about 95% young people, Ray Holman was a school teacher, if he could get to work with them for 5-6 years maybe we can have some new "kids on the block"

Hi Arthur, I know the forum is one of opinions so I treat all views with the greatest respect.Changes after the semis is the norm with arrangers especially with Ray, as those of us who have played his panorama tunes from the 1960's ( including own compositions) can tell you that changes were made even outside the savannah on final night and on the drag as we had the quality of players then like Skiffle to do so and we had victories from it 1969 and 1971 among great arrangers like Rodney and Bradley.

It's nice to see and hear him in the panorama again after 2007.Those of us who know the real man, wish him well.I don't think Lara will be the same cricketer if he returns to the game but will still score a few runs, but it's always up to the panel of judges only and not the views of the public.Because I live pan ,my selection is that all ten bands will tie for first.....I hope the snow storms clear up for those who wish to come in and those who "unfortunately" have to leave this blessed place.

Gerard, like yuh hear cuss comming from the airport in New York or what? you are right this place is surely blessed.

It is not who are going to win,But who are they going to give it too,And that is only my opinion.

I sayin Radoes, Phase II and Exodus in that order. Too much of the same from all stars

Garfield: Too much of the SAME from ALL STARS -- Win in 2011! Win in 2012! Win in 2013!!!! Too much of the same!!!

Aye Claude, ah feel you is ah see-ah-man,wey yuh get dat win in 2013 from boi? dat 13 is bad luck for allyuh.



Phase 2


Right on the BUTTON Angie -- doh let dem tell yuh about PAN!

I love Despers and Robert Greenidge here are my picks for 2013 Panorama:




Good luck to alll the bands and a safe journey to and from the Savannah.


My pick tonite,


 PHase 2



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