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Ok pan people the time has come lets hear who you like for the first 3 spots in tonight finals.

I am staying with the same 3 bands I picked from the prelims.

Phase II



Good luck to all the bands.............We doh want no tie for first place.

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well this is how its going down.

all stars and despers tie for first place.

skiffle in third.

Mr. Lalgee: You cannot leave out both PHASE II and EXODUS from the top three!!!

At #9 spot, they have been guaranteed a few extra marks.
The man is fantastic but he precedes his music.
Politics tells me the band that was bounced out last year will be bounced back in this year.
No hat trick this year!!! Cecil, the arrangement is not rough but it is definitely not "smooth". Lil bounce - No drive.
Now, ... Playing at their official pace of 126, this steel orchestra transforms their opus, a 'shock attack' , into an incessantly aggressive, yet totally melodic and utterly sensual arrangement, containing the most appropriate runs, both in number and content, culminating in a truly unique indigenous product.
For those fortunate to witness Panorama 2013 live, let me assure you that these eight minutes and fifty seconds will be the best time spent, ... In awesome blissful splendour.
Cecil, the band is Renegades, whom I believe will be 2013 panorama champions - true exemplars of the art.
Second and third places? Well, .....

Peter, I could not have said it any better, Boogsie was deLightful.


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