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Why is it when UWI awards honorary Doctorate to people in the entertainment industry Pan Tuners are not given consideration. This skill is a specialized science what do you think?

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This is for your information. Those UWI engineers do not respect the top Tuners in Trinidad. There is a Jealousy between them and the born Steel Pan manufacturers. There was once a research program going on at UWI that consisted of Bertie Marshall and I think two other Tuners with Engineers from UWI. As alleged, there was always arguments and disagreements between those UWI engineers and the Pan Scientist. Those guys at UWI was only about prying information from those Pan Scientist head for their own personal use. This research was the brain child of Rudolph Charles and Dr. Eric Williams but after some time the program was at a stand still because of funds and Bertie was still getting pay while at home. Bertie's main problem was with those engineers at UWI because they had their degrees they did not respect a lot of the Manufacturers ideas. Some of the research was on  Bertie's Electronic Bertphone which was a double Tenor and they were also working on a machine to sink the drums. Eventually, Bertie was charged for Ganja and was fired from UWI. The talk in Town, It was a Set UP. Then he had another mishap, his house was burnt along with his Bertphone "Double Tenor". He was eventually given an apartment near to Renegades. Point to note:  The term Pan Tuner is the wrong name or term for these men. The right name should be Steel Drum/Pan Manufacturer and Producer. Pan Tuning is part of the manufacturing process and it's technology should be printed into a book. In the United States, you had some Universities that hired people like Ellie Mannette  to work as Pan manufacturers and Teachers and some of them now have degrees in Pan Tuning. If Calypsonians are getting Honorary degrees an Steel Drum Manufacturer should get it before any other performer.

All the Pan Tuners like Ellie Mannette who left Trinidad for a better like got respected in the USA and other countries and the Top Tuners who stayed in Trinidad because of their love for country are snubbed by their own University.  

Tell me that I lie. Some of Trini Tuners who are not as good as those home got respect and jobs with Schools and Universities with the opportunities to get their degrees and to date they are still working. Eric Williams said, to Buy Local.

The End.

Come on Francescoli don't  be a boor. How come  you arrived at  that clumsy name- pan manufacturer for pan tuner? Chalk and cheese One term is  commercial  the other is embedded in our cultural history. If as your name suggests you are part of the foreign appreciation for pan, for heaven's  sake  don't  try  to rewrite  the history of pan. We speak here of pan tuning and pan tuners.We need to be wary of chaps like you who are similar  to an invading imperial force that  seeks to brand things with their vocabulary.


It's the same as calling sticks mallets.

Nothing is wrong with that . It is another name for the same thing. However, STEEL AND TIN  ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. 

Patrice Lumumba  Go back and read my comment before you talk:

I do not know what you are talking about. I am not speaking against our Tuners as known but for them. You just want to talk. The topic is about UWI not Honoring Pan Tuners with a degree and one person said it is just because they are just Tuners. Tuning is the final part of the whole process. and none of these guys are  just tuners. They start from the sinking of the drum, drawing and all the other areas of producing an instrument. So one comment was that they are just Tuners and my belief they are the whole package and should be given respect. 

These men just don't get a Pan and start to tune, they actually make the instrument from start to finish. There are many professional names they can be referred to.  For example: Pan Manufacturer/Tuner; Pan Maker/Tuner or  after some engineering courses a professional name can be created. There are a lot of topics in the Steel Pan world that is open for debate. 1. We make the instruments from a Drum but we call it a Pan.  The instrument is made from a Steel Drum and it is a Percussive instrument. I do not know what invading imperial force you are speaking about but I am from Laventille Road and Tuners like Bertie Marshall and Rudolph were my friends.  I could have visit them any time at their homes and spend hours watching them tune. Back to the topic. Patrice Lumumba Start from the top and read all the comments before you make statements that does not make any sense. Thank you.

The decision process is probably not as 'scientific' as we believe it is.

What is of importance in all the arts is not that, which  can be measured , (like speed .weight and size,) but the intangible qualities, those which we know and love, but cannot be clearly defined in bureaucratic terms.  

Proposals  and nominations have to include documentation as well as a glowing and eloquent description of the intangibles.

Otherwise ignorance, prejudice and subjectivity rule, even n the loftiest halls.

There are and have been many fine pan tuners , but that does not necessarily qualify them for academic honors , IMHO.

However , the three pan pioneers suggested by Dr. Copeland - Mannette , Williams and Marshall have made contributions to the development of the art-form and instrument that went far beyond tuning pans , as we all know.

They are indeed deserving of such honors , and UWI would be doing a disservice to the culture and art-form if this isn't done.

Of course , like Victor Matthias said, as usual they're probably waiting for foreigners to recognize these great artists before they do.

Congratulations are in order for Dr. Anthony Williams, the recipient of honorary UWI degree.

Local steelpan arranger Anthony Williams, who contributed to the development of the technology of the steelpan musical instrument and Fraser-Pryce, the first Jamaican woman to win the 100-metre Olympic gold medal, will also be awarded.

List of recipients for degrees 
Open Campus (October 8, 2016)
Dr Sir Prince Ramsey – DSc
Cave Hill Campus (15 October, 2016)
Richard Anthony Best – DLitt
Sir Trevor Carmichael – LLD 
Dr Carissa Etienne – DSc
Dr Carol Jacobs – DSc

St Augustine campus (October 20-22, 2016)
Professor KE Bingsheng –DLitt
Reverend Daniel Teelucksingh – LLD
Anthony Williams –DLitt

Mona campus (October 28-29, 2016)
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce – LLD
Daniel “Danny” Glover – DLitt
Lorna Goodison – DLitt


Very - Very Good Question ODW. There are So Many Pan Tuners around who are Maintaining the Unique Sound of The Steel Band who are Doctors of the Art of Tuning. One Name that Comes Immediately to Mind is Bertram ''Butch'' Kelman, another Name to be Considered is Roland Harrigan. They have been Carrying the Mantle of Sustainability of Pans  for Years. Pantrinbago as the Representative for Pan in Trinbago should be the Ones Recommending these Great Tuners. We cant wait until they Die to Honor them. Nice Discussion ODW.

UWI should have a department dedicated to steel pan, calypso, limbo and carnival.   Research and Development would be part of that department.   All other disciplines (engineering, steel/asphalt/oil, computer technology, music arrangement, entertainment, tourism) can feed in.   Caribbean still does not see the value of the "genius" of its people and that is at the heart and soul of the mattter.   Black people are not valued unless the British say so!  

Patrice Lumumba

You are a Miscreant person. Universities give Honorary degrees to Entertainers all over the world basically for their contribution to the Art and Culture or for many other  contributions. It is not a professional degree you get from studying  for a BA TO P.H.D. It is HONORARY and not for the purpose of obtaining a job. It seems that you like to talk TRASH and be important. The End. You are not  wordy of my time.


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