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I feel honored to call Salah my friend, I've never met anyone with such dedication to Family, Country and Pan.

Good luck Bro. in all that you do, I know that you do many things.

Congratulations Salah, only the chosen few can do what you do, to be  able to organize and take your Band to the Mecca, wish you luck,

''Well Done Salah. Great Achievement. Good Luck to You All. A Nice Experience fall on the Members who have never Visited the Mecca of the Steelband. Well Done. God Bless!

I agree , Brenda.

Congratulations on your accomplishments and diligent work in promoting our beloved art-form , Salah.

Your contributions are much appreciated , at least by serious pan people and fans who are aware of your efforts.

Good luck to you and the band. ..from a fellow Montrealer... 

I am also glad fro salah and his band but I cannot figure out how he managed seventy five players from montreal

he have a very small family band.

aldwyn jones,

Salah has players from Montreal, Toronto and hopefully T&T.

Aldwyn Jones, 75 players are not the requirement, 60 players is the Max, 75% of the players have to be from the place you say you from,

DEM international bands could pick up 15 players from Trinidad ... so the contest eh QUITE SO INTERNATIONAL.

Antigua is the only other country with REAL STEELBAND and no band from ANTIGUA eh coming.


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