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Winsford Devine had the best ROYALTIES COLLECTION PLAN in TRINIDAD after CLIVE BRADLEY made him aware that he was being EXPLOITED ...

... He drive down by SPARROW house with THREE BADJOHNS in the car and they tell SPARROW is time to start PAYING ROYALTIES.

SPARROW tell them he cannot really remember which songs DEVINE write for him -- so how he go pay.

Well the BIG BADJOHN name BOLO tell SPARROW: Okay we leaving!!! But ah want you to spend the night trying to remember because we COMING BACK TOMORROW to help you REMEMBER.

Next day they went back and SPARROW suddenly remember ALL THE SONGS and start paying DEVINE for his WORKS!!!

Ah might have paraphrased that story -- but ah did not make it up.

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Looks like a lot of performers owe Devine....

Cecil: Ah have to talk to you boy. If BIDEN WIN ah coming up NORTH to live NEXT DOOR to you. Is that OKAY with you?

It was between YOU and GUYANA -- but after yesterday ah fraid that GUYANA SCENE right now!!!


I wonder if Mr Devine could tell us how many songs he wrote and how many performers sang his songs?


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