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With All The Pan Comess; Please Don't Lose Sight of Social, Economic and Environmental Health

Hey Panpeople,

I have been reading the postings and comments on WST regarding the catastrophic loss of confidence and respect for the current Pan Trinbago leadership. I sympathize with the pan community of which I'm a part. I have my $1,000.00 Canadian tied up in the fiasco from travel and boarding arrangements for the International Conference on Pan, 2015.

As a steelpan-focused researcher with an interest in environmental issues; namely, sustainable development for pan in Toronto, Canada and Boston, USA, I believe the current events in Pan Trinbago serves as a lesson in how not to do things. This is a microcosm of a bigger problem within the global steelpan community. First, please let me define the term microcosm: It's a noun - a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities or features of something much larger. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/microcosm.

Anyway, it is not my plan to use this forum for my academic bantering, I have my site www.ese4steelpan.tv for that. (plugged...) So let me cut to the chase by speaking in clear tones; the disregard towards pan players by the "World Governing Body on Pan" is symptomatic of the the experience of pan players in many countries. Let us have this injustice addressed by all steelband subsidiaries and associations as a model not to be followed for obvious reasons. I have included the current problem of unfair distribution practices in my graduate studies research to highlight the need for economic reforms within the global steelpan community and I will use this ongoing saga as an illustrative piece for new steelpan learners from elementary levels all the way to the tertiary planes.

It is very good to see the apparent end to steelpan economic injustice, but it will be more interesting to see how the new thoughts and patterns would be implemented after this coup d'etat.

I have hope for the best outcome,



PS: My research on Residual Chemical Toxicity in Used Steel Drum Containers: Health Impacts on Steelpan Builders, Tuners and Players is 56 pages long.

Environmental Sustainability Education (ESE) for Steelpan begins by taking a critical look at the traditional practice of building steelpans from discarded oil drums that were once used as chemical storage containers. ESE for Steelpan provides a new paradigm shift for sustainability through environmental education for frontline steelpan builders, tuners, players and the residents in close proximity to the steelpan-making yards. Steelpan makers who use traditional methods to create steelpans frequently deal with residual hazardous chemicals found in the drums, and they do not work within the guidelines set out in Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the chemicals they encounter. As a consequence, they create a harmful environment for themselves and other living species. ESE for Steelpan places its emphasis on highlighting the dangers of traditional steelpan-making with the associated improper storage and disposal of residual insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. ESE for Steelpan proposes a policy with recommendations to increases awareness within the steelpan community through an environmental educational framework that provides a scaled approach from local and national levels climaxing to the global.

Environmental Justice (Sustainability)

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Alright Claude,
I appreciate that and I'm cool with that bro.

Mike I hope you continue to post whatever you like.

Yes Cecil, of course, that is why I created a new thread so as not to take away from the panorama financial fiasco. However, I do understand the sentiments expressed regarding the need for "ole talk", and rightly so, after all, WST's tag line says it best," When Steel Talks; Nobody Listens". Sorry "Everybody Listens". lol

Mike even intellectuals can talk. lol

PJJ thanks for putting this to bed with the posted photo.

Somewhere in my BD (before digital) photos I have a (film) photo of CASYM from New York in the 2000 World Steelband competition with a tenor bass they had gotten newly made in Trinidad after they arrived, no time to paint.  Each drum had stenciled on the side in large letters "INSECTICIDE".  That really brought home to me the seriousness of the problem.  Who breathed the fumes when the pan was "burned"? Who was downstream wherever the dregs from the barrel were dumped?  Serious business.  In the USA reuse of a barrel that has not been cleaned in accordance with EPA standards is a serious law violation.

Thanks again PJJ.

Those who believe this was done a long time ago also need to speak with Cliff Alexis, Northern Illinois University Steelpan co-director with Liam Teague for confirmation. I remember Cliff and others commenting at the International Conference on Pan 2015 that the problem still persists. In the comments that followed my EnviroPan presentation, Pan Trinbago's secretary, Richard Forteau said, "we know of the problem, but we ensure all the pans that are sent to the schools are clean drums" (ICPTT, 2015). 

The long term viability and economic sustainability of pan could be jeopardized by human errors, willful omission or just plain neglect to protect human health and the planet's well-being.

Education is the only tool to remove "lack of information".



Focused on Protecting the Health of the Global Steelpan Community.

Cecil, what they can get for the pans in foreign, they wont get half of that if they try to sell down here. Also if anyone  imports pans from away(as some found out) you have to pay duty to bring them in, so I don't see this making good business sense.

Gerard, I'm glad to hear this but you have the largest market and there will always people looking for a way in.

No Cecil, we have the SMALLEST MARKET!! Europe and North America have the largest market! Don't be fooled by 179 bands every year in Panorama. A lot of people believe that every panorama is endless new pan selling,because bands have a hundred plus players. Ah really don't want to go into further details with this....but after carnival??? What largest market yuh talkin 'bout?You will have to come with hard figures and not what you apparently assume.

I stand corrected.

One love Cecil,you and Claude (meh forum hit man) are meh two real pardner.


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