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With all these bands playing GOOD MORNING, I would like to hear at least ONE BAND play a TRINIDAD GOOD MORNING!!!

As everybody know, TRINIDAD IS THE LAND OF CALYPSO. But when these STEELBANDS go on the stage for PANORAMA you cannot hear any CALYPSO in the performance. I would like to hear at least one STEELBAND play GOOD MORNING as if they are trying to reach the audience with a CALYPSO RENDITION of the song aimed at putting them in a CARNIVAL MOOD, lifting them out of their seats and wanting them to leave the savanna and start JOUR OUVERT right then and there. The TEMPO so hot that they cannot wait for MONDAY MORNING.

Don't spoil a GOOD TRINIDAD MORNING with American R&B and Latin Music (Salsa and Merengue) and Funk and Jazz and European Classical Music. And I don't need no variations of the verse or chromatic modulations.

Just JAM THE CALYPSO like yuh playing in ah fete and yuh want people to JUMP UP and DANCE. Okay! Okay! I will give you a little leeway with the INTRODUCTION but make sure that when you turn into that first verse you are seamless and I know that you are ready to JAM some HARD CALYPSO.

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this is a true Trini...


Why neglect yuh culture

Yuh making me FEEL SAD


I listened to "Trinidad Good Morning" and wondered what all the fuss is about. This tune has been around since Barbados Crop Over festival. Last year August The original words were in fact Crop-over Good Morning. so bands should have had enough time to either create a symphony around it or cock it up all together. This is called commercialism. When in doubt recycle what you've got.

It even strengthened the argument that some of Barbados Soca is more melodious than Trinidad's.

I remember Sparrow bring out (Melda) Obeah Wedding for independence concert in 1965 and the next ting yuh know its a hit the following year carnival.

Good Morning is not a calypso in the true sense, but its is a good tune nevertheless


Mr Curvan:

Oh yeah!

Amidst all the quotidian vitriol on the forum it is so satisfying to read such a pleasant informative analysis first thing in the morning.  You delight me totally.

I would love to read your take on the other chosen tunes.

As we continue to recycle —— “When in doubt, whip it out.” ( all smiles for a continued great day….)

Peter Ram – Good Morning (2016 Cropover Soca)

Peter Ram 2016 Crop Over

“Good Morning”

Produced by:De Red Boyz

Written By: Jovan James & Peter Wiggins
Backing Vocals: Indra Rudder Geoffrey Cordle & Scott Galt
Mixed by: Anthony Lowhar @ Commercial Music Inc.
Mastered by: Will Quinnell @ Sterling Sound N.Y

Claude ....that is not going to happen....we are in modern times my friend.....and you can't stifle the BRILLIANCE of ZANDA....YOU JUST CAN'T....


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