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Brooklyn, New York -  Calypso will be the focus of the next Trinidad & Tobago Folk Arts Institute forum at Medgar Evers College, when a panel discussion explores the phenomenal work and legacy of the late Maestro, 35 years after his death. The event, another in the series of collaborations between the Folk Arts Institute and the College’s School of Professional and Community Development, will be held Thursday evening, February 28 in the Mary Pinkett Lecture Hall, 1637 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn on the Medgar Evers campus.

Scheduled as panelists are individuals known to be conversant with the calypso culture generally and familiar with Maestro’s life and work. They include: Rawlston Charles, veteran producer of calypso-soca recordings, who produced and distributed Maestro’s music; Frankie McIntosh, well-known arranger of calypso-soca music; and Kenrick Mead, former music producer.

Les Slater, chair of the Folk Arts Institute, said: “Although it was a relatively short span of years that he was in the arena, Maestro’s contribution was so extraordinarily impressive, it left connoisseurs of the art form awe-struck. Because so much exceptional material emanated from him before what was a most untimely exit, the need for serious examination of his work is even more compelling.”

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Great idea!


Maestro was indeed one of our more gifted Calypsonians who gave us a constant supply of hit songs during his tenure. It is a really great idea to examine the work of this exceptional composer/singer.

This examination is being done by a very capable panel who are all authorities on the subject under review, it will be a very welcomed gesture if the presentations by this distinguished panel can be made available to us here in T&T.

The work of Maestro, in my humble opinion, is invaluable to any study of the calypso art-form, the present generation of composers/singers should have the benefit of the outcome of these presentations.

I thank and praise you for this important step you have taken in the interest of the development of calypso and the deepening of our understanding of this remarkable art-form......STAY UP !!!! 

We should never forget this calypso genius. He surely left us too soon. 

Remember he was also an Arranger of SteelBand Music . " Champion of the Road" .

Great idea,he was a great composer and singer and a review of his work should be good reading for Calypsonians worldwide.

Maybe the most underrated composer for pan....I dont get why every year three or four single pansides play Toco Band but tunes like Revellers and Boom Bam (appropriate for the category actually) get ignored... Thank goodness for PG and Machel and so on for bringing back Gold in a modern and relevant fashion. And correction, Gold wasnt the only Maestro tune to get a second treatment this year; Bunji had a re-make of "Savage" rocking fetes and maxis as well...

 He was just simply one of a different kind and i bow to him, with songs like Fiery, Rampage and  Gold just to name a few tells you something about his the man is his music. It makes me wonder what soca music would like if he the Maestro was alive today


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