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This August, 2015, I participated in the International Conference and Panorama (ICP) in Trinidad and Tobago. During the conference I launched the World's 1st Electronic Steelpan 6 Bass (E-Pan). We received rave reviews from everyone present at the unveiling at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain, Trinidad. It was welcoming to see local pan enthusiasts embracing another addition to the steelpan family coming out of the NAPE, Inc./E-Pan camp. We also unveiled the version 3 of the Tenor E-Pan.

One of the things that stood out was when the Secretary of Pantrinbago, Richard Forteau said "Nobody can't say they did this before you". Another Pantrinbago official repied "... hummm ... they will find a way to make up or backdate some archive ... " I just smiled.

As we do our part to ensure that steelpan keeps up with technology, we are very proud to release version 3 of the E-Pan and the E-Pan 6 Bass prototype. Click here to see snippets of the unveiling https://youtu.be/063uT4DVjYw

I want to take this time to congratulate the ICP and the Secretariat for a fantastic event. It was a world class event that we as Trinbagonians should be proud of. I think that it should be held every 3 or 4 years to continue to show the world that Trinidad and Tobago and its are the leaders where steelpan is concerned. Every time it's held I'm sure it will grow from strength to strength improving along the way. The handling of the dignitaries was second to none. Unfortunately I was not able to be there for the opening and the 1st two days as I had prior commitments with the Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra in Scotland.

It would have been nice to see some of the contributors of this When Steel Talks forum submit papers to the ICP and present at the event. At the end of each presentation there is a question period where the audience is given a chance to ask questions (do some fact checking). Just some food for thought.

Salmon Cupid, Inventor of the World's 1st Electronic Steelpan

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Claude, I have always followed and enjoyed reading your posts and have no problems with you at all.
My point is that Salo's invention has also been out there for some time also.
He has been around steelpan since the 1970's and well-known in the pan community.
His flash-of-genius moment came after touring with 'Gustine Mean Green On Steel in the 1980's and for whatever God-given and sensible reason, when he returned from touring, he secretly recorded his ideas with a Poor Man's Patent (PMP).

He migrated from his native T&T to Toronto, Canada in the 1990's as a Steelpan Emissary selected by PanTrinbago to be a Cultural Ambassador to expose/expand steelpan in Canada with tutorial workshops.  He and the programme were very well-received, so he was subsequently hired by the TDSB to teach music using the steelpan, in schools across the GTA.
He continued to research and develop his idea with a working prototype as proof-of-concept which was slow due to limited financial resources.
We hooked up in the 2000's and I told him to immediately stop talking, cease working on the model, but instead focus on protecting his IP rights.  That PMP was in a sealed/mailed envelope which was taken to IP attorneys to register.  After formal non-disclosure agreements were signed, he opened it up in their presence and it was formally notarized as witnessed.  Then Salo went about documenting his idea.  The beauty was that the lawyer was also a musician and electrical engineer so he was able to help translate the rudimentary but complete ideas into legalese to file the USPTO Utility Patent application in 2004, including the digitalized virtual prototype.
After which he resumed working on the prototype which had been halted and unveiled it under patent-pending protection.  It was subsequently released in 2007 for alpha-beta testing, then it was introduced to pan community at large and worldwide for peer review exposure and feedback.
Production version of Tenor E-Pan (soprano range) was introduced in 2008 and the rest is history.
Ironically, a steel panist from Japan who also plays in T.O. and T&T, familiar with his work politely told him to go to Japan with E-Pan in hand and Roland or Yamaha etc., would pay him handsomely for his efforts.  Even Jumbo - the famous peanut vendor who knew him and his family from T&T, also told him to forget the T&T Goverment, as they "full of skull" and seek his fortune elsewhere.  Salo, seems to think they will eventually realize what he has to offer 'back home" and change their ways.  His patriotic sense trumps the zeal to be rich.  We all measure sucess diffrently.


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