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‘Wrong Again’ sung by Skinny Banton | 2020 Tune of choice

2020 Tune of choice for steel orchestras:
Redemption Sound Setters  -  Renegades  -  Starlift

Pamberi  -  Valley Harps

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Noah, this one for you...Duvone vs Zanda

“I give thanks to the Creator for giving me the knowledge of rhythm, melody, and harmony - to understand the science of orchestration."

CARLTON "ZANDA" ALEXANDER - http://carltonzanda.com/

Wrong Again Drum Cover-Skinny Banton

Look! Smooth ready to psych everybody out with the rhythm of the BASS!!!


Makes sense to me. That strum is perfect for the PAN!!!

For yet another year , and maybe 3in a Row, I am looking forward to hearing 

Renegades and their 2020 selection “ Wrong Again”

I can almost see the antics Devon Stewart will be displaying for this one ..

the story line in this track will bring out all the horning songs of the past..

I'm sure we'll get some theatrics, who will be the horner man and which jumbie beat he'll give us...

Mighty Shadow - Horner Man Crying - Digital HD

Mighty Shadow - Yuh Lookin Fuh Horn

Shadow - Horning for Dummies


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