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 I met with Bertel Gittens in person on Tuesday in Belmont  at the Trinidad Theatre workshop.

It was a very productive meeting where after listening as a Success Coach I was able to give feedback on the progress made to date and troubleshoot with him on formulating some  discussion points for the upcoming  XL4Pan meeting on Aug 20, 2016.
NGO Filing
Structure of the org.
Charter membership recognition
Membership guidelines. Active Board and Advisory Board
Mission Statement: The big WHY
Fundraising: Buttons as a marketing and advertising device.
I have made my first contribution by donating  buttons (pictured above)which were designed for me in Boston.(My $20 usd contribution) and can be made available on short notice. 
I proposed that they start being used to get the word out until we can utilize more costly advertising communications.
SO order yours and get your friends to do so as well. 
Suggested price is $20.TTD or $20USD as a contribution.
This would provide a start up of much needed funds to establish the DBA bank account so that we will have a repository to start receiving seed money for start-up expenses to complete the application for the NGO status and more.
What do you think?
Which design is most captivating? What other cost effective ways we can start fundraising? 
Nothing is written in stone, and every question is useful feedback.

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This is GREAT Lynette! It was also great to have met with you and have discussions about Project XL4Pan. Its GREAT to have you on board.


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