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Condolences goes out to the wife and family of Ronald `Pan -Am` Clarke.

Ronald is the brother of our WST member Kenneth Clarke ..my Condolences Kenneth. I am presently in Trinidad and I just can not believe this madness........ to think that Bandits would just come into a simple Man;s home to rob him  (on Independence night) and actual kill him for pittance. It is unbearable to accept this madness.

Well I don`t care who disagrees with this but I am in favor of bringing back Capital Punishment here in Trinidad...no one is safe anymore. It is so upsetting.

I personally know Ronald we called him 'Pan-am' after his elder brother Kenneth who was actually called Pan am (the legendary Pan Am North Stars.

Ronald and I had played in the original Flamingoes way back then and also played in Exodus......... I never heard this brother in an argument with anyone. He was a real easy going - easy to get along with guy and now had to meet such a terrible end in his own home in the presence of his wife........when you think about it it just gets you angry......Something has to be done about this senseless murders here in T&T.


Hang in there Kenneth, I know that he was a big help for you last Panorama with your succesful run with Tamana Pioneers..best wishes and again my sincere Condolences




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I am in agreement with you 100% Capital punishment is the only deterent,and any bleeding heart liberal who dissagrees with me does not see the bigger picture,these idiots don't care because they get free food and board at the expence of the law abiting taxpayers


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