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Condolences goes out to the wife and family of Ronald `Pan -Am` Clarke.

Ronald is the brother of our WST member Kenneth Clarke ..my Condolences Kenneth. I am presently in Trinidad and I just can not believe this madness........ to think that Bandits would just come into a simple Man;s home to rob him  (on Independence night) and actual kill him for pittance. It is unbearable to accept this madness.

Well I don`t care who disagrees with this but I am in favor of bringing back Capital Punishment here in Trinidad...no one is safe anymore. It is so upsetting.

I personally know Ronald we called him 'Pan-am' after his elder brother Kenneth who was actually called Pan am (the legendary Pan Am North Stars.

Ronald and I had played in the original Flamingoes way back then and also played in Exodus......... I never heard this brother in an argument with anyone. He was a real easy going - easy to get along with guy and now had to meet such a terrible end in his own home in the presence of his wife........when you think about it it just gets you angry......Something has to be done about this senseless murders here in T&T.


Hang in there Kenneth, I know that he was a big help for you last Panorama with your succesful run with Tamana Pioneers..best wishes and again my sincere Condolences




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Greetings: My condolence goes out to the  Clarke's family. Maybe we need to follow the example of the President of Gambia. He has pledged  by mid September to put to death all those who presently sit on Gambia's death row. Just maybe if we were to do the same we will stop those killer bees. Simultaneously, we need to provide training  for those who are in need. The course of action should include workshop on work ethic,parenting and respect. But most of all we have to address the inequalities that exist in our country. Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine

Lance, we doh have inequalities in T&T. lol  This is the DARK side that no one want to admit exist.

Yes, doctor. ... especially the bit about providing parenting and life skills.  I keep saying it -- the blind can't lead the blind.  If a big segment of the population  grow up deprived (and also depraved), don't expect any other result but banditry.



Thanks Salah for updating on WST and words of wisdom. I know you all were very good friends. Not a nice way to leave this planet. As I told Minister Jack, Its his time now and he have to do something about the life style we are living on this twice Islands. The wake is held at his home Olivevine Street, Bon Air West Arouca. Its entering from Lopinot Road, then cross the bus route, the 2nd corner on our left a signs says Bon Air West Community Facilty make that left and drive pass the savannah its about 4 houses after the savannah. We need some Pan music to ease the pain. Please contact he at 786 6745 or 353 8160. Thanks again Salah and all for there support. May my brother Ronald Pan Am Clarke R.I.P.

Kenneth Pan Am Clarke 

Many will say that the way to end the madness in Trinidad is to catch the bandits and hang them but I humbly propose that this could never be the solution. America thinks that if she invades another country on any pretext and wipes out most of the population that the rest will submit. The exact opposite will happen. Violence always breeds more violence.

The problem in Trinidad (and Jamaica and Guyana and everywhere else) is that the youth have no future that they can see for themselves, not financially, not socially, not in any way.

With the money that Trinidad has there should be no crime. Why is there no crime in Cuba for example? Because there are social programs in place for the entire population.

Put yourself in the place of any of the 'bandit' youths of this country and what do you see? No future for yourself unless you turn to a lie of crime, whether it's selling drugs, stealing or in the worst case taking another man's life for the sake of a few dollars.

They have no value on their own lives and so have no value for another man's life. They don't care if they are caught and hung because without a life of crime they are dead anyway. Stealing and other forms of crime just helps to prolong their already doomed lives.

Don't blame their parents, teachers or their friends. It rests solely on the mores and values of the society.

When a youth who has nothing sees someone rise to a place of power or riches by what he sees as illegal and immoral ways what does he learn?

When you can elevate a criminal to the position of minister of security and even a prime minister in waiting what example are you setting? If the priest could play who is we.

There are no programs for the youth in their own communities, no other way to put their talents to work so they turn to a life of crime.

If their communities were taken care of, schools, proper streets, parks, playgrounds, theatres for pan, plays, music and a host of other social programs there would be no problem.

The 8 billion dollars planned to be spent on a highway to nowhere which will do not more than enrich a few connected persons and displace many, ruining the environment in the process, could provide a stadium in every village, a panyard in every community a playground on every block and the attendant security of a well trained police force trained to deal with the youth- not from a point of power but in fact to protect and serve them.

That will end the problem

How could we in our 50th year of independence have 50 percent of the population without pipe borne water or electricity or roads in their communities.

Roads falling down everywhere, flooding with every rainfall but we want to spend 1.25 billion US dollars to build 20 mies of highway.

The US just sent a probe to Mars at a cost of 2.4 billion. The CERN built in Europe a 27 kilometer underground high speed collider for nuclear research that helps point to the creation of the universe. It was built by several countries putting together 4.4 billion US and we spend a bit less than that on 20 miles of road and nobody sees anything wrong with that.

Then we wonder where the society is going and quick to say hang em high.

Hang them yes but start at the top where the real problem lies.

Wayne my friend  you sing like ah sparrow.

We are living in a time where there is the "Legal Mafia" which is the Government on one side and on the other side "Illegal Mafia" which is Organize Crime, in the middle we have young people,  dey doh stand an chance in hell.  The government is offering heavy taxation with the same old same old,  organize crime offering money in yuh pocket, gun in yuh waist, no accountability and  an obnoxious attitude.

I am afraid that Organize Crime is winning.


ave just returned to Canada just a couple of hours ago ..So I cannot be at the Wake ....but boy I am real mad that a senseless murderous act like this can happen to an innocent man in his own home...I re-iterate that something Drastic has to be done even if as a Temporary measure .I honestly believe that if there is no reasonable doubt concerning the criminals who commit these henious acts that they should reap what they sow ..life for a life..and for all the `good Christians`..this is also from the `Good Book ...but for many who do not share this view I also respect yours ...but only when this stuff reaches your doorsteps that you truly feel the senselessness and bitterness...i am also aware that the main source of this criminal activity indeed to comes from the top white collars.

It is so frustrating



          I think that the LEAST focus should be put on PUNISHMENT and  maximum focus should be put on

PREVENTION. The whole crime crisis in T&T could be solved in ONE MONTH if any government had the resolve and the determination to rise above PUBLIC OUTCRY for THE FEW as opposed to THE MANY.

          Specifically, there are about 25 to 30 thousand young criminals who roam the land and who are responsible for 99% of violent crimes. I would follow the CUBA and CHINA model and move them off the streets and on to some labour farms as a starting point. I know there will be cries of racism and human rights violations -- but what about the rights of the thousands of RONALDS and their families who have been victimized over the years.

          Is it all about protecting the criminals or the decent citizens?




Claude you are a smart man, they could put them down the l islands where they used to house the leper people, Chacachacarie. There you could sentence them to learn how to be responsible to themself and to society.

The 1.25$  billion that they are going to spend on 20 miles of highway will be better spent on such a project.

 My sincere Condolences to the wife and family  and friends of Ronald `Pan -Am` Clarke.

Innocent blood must not be shed, it is a sin against the Almighty (Joseph Hill - Culture)

It is sad that it that the bandits go after  innocent and hard working  man.  They are cowards, afraid to tackle bad man like themselves.  But the Most high will dispense justice, just wait and see.

Please take comfort in the memories of the good times you shared with Ronald, that will keep you strong. Hold tight. Good willa lways prevail over evil.

blessed Love

Crime in Trinidad and Tobago is of Epidemic Proportion and should be dealt with as any other epidemic the “Swine Flu, Bird Flu” Virus etc.    What is done to eradicate the disease?    (1 You Quarantine all the infected and Humanely Euthanize them to control the disease from spreading .

Why are the Law makers of Trinidad and Tobago are not following this simple procedure instead of implementing all the idiotic crime plans that makes no sense.   

How many more must die, Who is next?   I never believe in my wildest dreams, that one day I will read in the News that Ronald Clarke was murdered. 

Condolences to the Clarke family





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