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Condolences goes out to the wife and family of Ronald `Pan -Am` Clarke.

Ronald is the brother of our WST member Kenneth Clarke ..my Condolences Kenneth. I am presently in Trinidad and I just can not believe this madness........ to think that Bandits would just come into a simple Man;s home to rob him  (on Independence night) and actual kill him for pittance. It is unbearable to accept this madness.

Well I don`t care who disagrees with this but I am in favor of bringing back Capital Punishment here in Trinidad...no one is safe anymore. It is so upsetting.

I personally know Ronald we called him 'Pan-am' after his elder brother Kenneth who was actually called Pan am (the legendary Pan Am North Stars.

Ronald and I had played in the original Flamingoes way back then and also played in Exodus......... I never heard this brother in an argument with anyone. He was a real easy going - easy to get along with guy and now had to meet such a terrible end in his own home in the presence of his wife........when you think about it it just gets you angry......Something has to be done about this senseless murders here in T&T.


Hang in there Kenneth, I know that he was a big help for you last Panorama with your succesful run with Tamana Pioneers..best wishes and again my sincere Condolences




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Crime in Trinidad and Tobago is of Epidemic Proportion and should be dealt with as any other epidemic the “Swine Flu, Bird Flu” Virus etc.    What is done to eradicate the disease?    (1 You Quarantine all the infected and Humanely Euthanize them to control the disease from spreading .

Why are the Law makers of Trinidad and Tobago are not following this simple procedure instead of implementing all the idiotic crime plans that makes no sense.   

How many more must die, Who is next?   I never believe in my wildest dreams, that one day I will read in the News that Ronald Clarke was murdered. 

Condolences to the Clarke family




My condolences to the family and all of trinidad and Tobago on yet another senseless killing. My response to the crime rate may appear simpleminded but if THE CAT was re-introduced there may be fewer crimes if the guilty got a taste right after the verdict is read, if all illegals found guity are promptly returned to their country of origin and finally, although it may sound severe- let ALL prisions plant their food, tend their animals for meat, have a fish farm . The reason is simple, if you REAP you EAT if not, God help you. No more feed ride on taxpayers pockets.


Yes Salah,

                   Kenneth called me the morning after his brother was slain. This is so sad. I hope that "the powers that be" are not waiting until MR. BIG meets with this same fate, before they take drastic measures in solving all such crimes. I did not know  the decease, Roland, but his brother Kenneth is the young boy who sat on a box while playing for North Stars in the 1960's. Kenneth is also the youngest pannist to tour with the band in 1964. He was a mere 10 years. Hang in there kenneth and condolences to all the Clake's.

(Salah I am at 316-9483)



Oh Gosh...Boy ..I spent a short 13 days in Trinidad and it went by so fast ..I totally forgot to link up with you my apologies and my lost ...I will be back ( god Willing) for the Panorama season and will hook up with you



Watne and Cecile Hinkson:

I agree with you both.  Wayne hit the nail on the head when he points to the lack of example in the mores and values of the broader society, and also that no amount of counterviolence can cure the problem . It only breeds further violence/backlash.

And Cecil, you right when you point out that, especially from the perspective of the youth witnessing all the corruption and curry favour goin on in T&T, it makes more sense to them to "hold a gun in yuh waist".  A I stated before, who care bout education and civil service job whenyou could make thousands per week with coke?




Hi Kenneth and other family members of Ronald

.May God give you the strength to cope with this difficult situation.Our condolences go out to you, members of the Ezodue family and by extension the entire pan fraternity.Let us all pray for those misguided souls who don.t know better.Stay strong and trust in God. HE IS IN CHARGE.

Owen Serrette and the Management and members of SOLO Harmonites

Sentido Pesame to Rass and the rest of the Clarke Family. May God comfort you in this difficult time. Stay strong.

R.I.P.   Ronald, such a quiet, hard working and very talented Pan Man,loved by his family and friends, didn't and I repeat didn't deserve to die that way, these mongrels who walking the earth and have no value and respect  for people  life and their hard own belongings should be hang.  It is heart breaking for me because I know Ronald from small, always willing to help someone, will take his shirt of his back and give to one who don't have. I could go on and on ... LOVE YOU BROTHER, May God Bless your SOUL,  gone but not forgotten.


i am sorry to hear about the killing my friend Ronald (Pan Am)Clarke  what can i say i am lost for words i send my Condolences his family and friends he will be miss R.I.P Brother

Big up, Hayden.


What it is at all!?  You bring out yuh next CD yet?


My condolences to the family and friends of this brother PANNIST. May his soul rest in peace.

                                                                                                        The WEB.

my sympathies go out to my friend in pan, Kenneth Clarke....stay strong my brother...God knows best.


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