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I Bugs fully endorse this message. If we are talking about melodic content, harmonizing, transitions, dynamics, the engine room and the wow factor,  it's an open and close case.  And I am not suffering from a concussion like the judges.

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bugs: I LOVE your PASSION for the PANORAMA MUSIC!!!

I have a similar PASSION for PAN PROGRESS!!!

Bugs, I listened to Supernovas rendition of 'Dear Promoter' so many times and I still cannot say they did better than these bands posted above. I believe whats missing is a sweet piece of music maybe 5 minutes before the end of their tune, at this time its just flat. The wow factor was not there, maybe for the finals. Exodus, comparing only because band played same tune, hammered away with sweetness towards the end of their arrangement and spirit of carnival in their music.

Patrick: I want to apologize to you, boy!!! Ah didn't know that you know SO MUCH ABOUT PAN MUSIC until these last two days. And yuh brave enough to give bugs LESSONS on Panorama arrangements ... ah think ah need to take ah ON LINE course from you in STEELBAND PANORAMA MUSIC APPRECIATION.

And you listening to dem arrangements over and over I cannot even give ONE FULL LISTEN (not even two minutes) to none ah dem 2020 PANORAMA ARRANGEMENTS. Especially "WRONG AGAIN" -- a calypso I have listened to at least 50 TIMES for the season (and DEARLY LOVE). And I don't like "MORE SOKAH" -- so if you pay me $100 USD to listen to any steelband play that song ... ah will have to PASS.

But it is great to meet a DIEHARD PAN LOVER like you and to know that you know so much about PANORAMA MUSIC.



Patrick my buddy, NO NO NO...

I will admit that XO is a machine. They always bring clarity and tempo. And this year their enthusiasm is back. BJ is not joking around.

However, I challenge you find one band that has stated the original melody of tune better than Supernovas.

Can you find another band who has harmonized, and re-harmonized better than Supernovas within the first 4 min? Their transitions are wicked. Amrit remained an arranger throughout the piece - always building on original lines from the tune. At no point did become a composer to to kill time. At no point were there aimless violin lines - oops, i mean tenor lines with unnecessary gymnastics.   Did you check out dynamics at 2:10?  Not just a drop with soft and loud, but a spread across the range of pans. Wicked.  It was like listening to Barry White's "Love Unlimited Orchestra" jamming in a T&T panorama style. I know you loved the Merengue part. The Engine is "sick" and on point except for a little too much bongos for my taste. All they need is a Bradley type epic ending.


Patrick check out this recording. You can hear the mid range better. 

Voice x Kes x Peter Minshall - Dear Promoter (Official Short Film) by Captain Plexx

Dear Promoter Short Film

Buy/Stream Dear Promoter here: https://smarturl.it/DearPromoter

"Minshall on Minshall"

This is what the MADNESS is all about, for PAN JUMBIES across the globe. SHADOWMAINA all over de place, JUMBIES in dey head. Kitchener, Bradley, Shadow and Dr. Jit Samaroo.

Is this a contest between the protege and his son?

Come jouvert morning Feb 24 the birthday of Dr. Jit, the Panorama winner playing their slow jam, niceness in de place.

"Wrong Again" - bp Renegades (2020 Panorama LARGE BAND Semi-Finals)

Thanks to Duvone and the players for bringing back that exciting, up-tempo sound of the 90s Renegades. I never thought I'd hear it like this ever again. I was so happy after their Preliminary performance. What an arrangement! And even after repeated listens it doesn't get old. Jit would be so proud of you guys and I'm sure he's looking down with pride. After the Semi-Final results, another historic three-peat looks to be on the horizon in a couple of weeks.

Dr Jit Samaroo - A TRIBUTE by Supernovas Steel Orchestra [ NH PRODUCTIONS TT ]

A Tribute to Dr. Jit Samaroo by the Supernovas Steel Orchestra at the 2015 International Conference & Panorama Competition.

Tribute to Dr. Jit Samaroo

Shadow - Jump Judges Jump (1976)

Renegades - Wrong Again slow jam

Some people expecting a DIVINE INTERVENTION on Panorama night.

Bernadette Dookeran
6 days ago
Tears in meh eyes to my band getting it right again after jit

You go Duvone Stewart god sent you for us after jit samaroooooo

Eccentric 2115
1 week ago
Very creative... now we could chip to this... Thank goodness!!!


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