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The Last Word - in the WST Panorama Enclave

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‘The Last Word’

composed by Andy Narell

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Tune of choice: Birdsong



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Comment by kaiso on December 9, 2012 at 1:34pm

here we go again - pre-judging what is presented.

A good arranger, if so inclined, could take this, change the tempo keeping most of the structure and have this kicking on finals night.

Just don't forget what we did with 'bomb'' tunes - when you listen to the original it's hard to believe the genesis.

Please give Andy a break, it's up to the arrangers to interpret what is presented.

Comment by Bertel Gittens on December 9, 2012 at 12:03pm

Korey I understand that Narell is a TRINI now. It might be different for him in the RAMA this time around.

Comment by Cecil hinkson on December 9, 2012 at 11:04am

Korey Vincent, No one is questioning Andys' ability, what we were looking for  is his interpretation of a Trini panorama tune, what he is giving us is his interpretation of what a Trini panorama tune SHOULD sound like, I hope you see the difference.

 Trini arrangers could do what he is doing,  they won't because they know panorama is not about "nice" music.

Comment by Charlene Lusk on December 8, 2012 at 2:16pm

Words of intrest: My long time Pan associate Rudy"Two Left"Smith  was discussing the present Pan scene via a telephone conversation from Denmark where he lives, and we talked about the different elements that have affected the development of Pan in both negative and positive ways. One of the topics we touched on was the fact that the sound that identifed a particular band  is lost. For example, The Invaders were known as the Harps, All Stars were the Organs, an the lists goes on. This was a very critical change that was influenced a lot by Tuners that made changes to the ranges of the Pans thereby causing the arrangers to change their approaches to the application of a particular piece of music which in turn helped to influence the present day manner in which arrangements are done.  The Clive Bradley Despers assocation was one of the periods when he made signifcant progress by placing the melody on the seconds when it was noticed that the Tenors were not adequate. So you see we will change again and again. We are not there yet. Another item that we talked about was how we hid our sticks in places so that our parents could not find them and how negative it was to be found having sticks in your back pocket by a police officer, remember? How about this: we remember when performing for tourists or foreingers back in the day, they would come up to band and look for the sorce of where the sound was coming from and they would ask, "Where is the tape recorder" and would sometimes even suggest that it was voo doo lol say what. Another reasoning we arrived at is that people of the African Diaspora have a habit of chastising their own kind and that goes for us Trini's who say that God is aTrini. When I say so I am going to draw from present and past history not so long ago, I have heard  many people who realy don't know the great innovater Berti "boodoo" Marshal say how come he so closed, he don't say nothing, how come he's like that. Well my point being back in the late fifties when he developed the Double Tenors and the amplification to his Pans his band Highlanders was demolished three years in succession by our own Trini people. I wonder if that is written in the history. So my buddy Twoleft  assured me don't worry that's is how it is, We do believe however after all that Pan belongs to we....word for thought. We may not be visible but we here..  Ansel Joseph


Comment by Korey Vincent on December 8, 2012 at 7:39am

Why are we judging the arrangement of a tune and whether a band would be successful at the competition before the arrangement is even completed. Panorama I love I play I listen to all bands and I love Andy's Music and I play Boogsie's. What is panorama music really?????????????? Look until the critics who don't even listen to pan music at least for two three hours a day know all the finalists arrangements could sing it down know where all the passages start etc. shut up When the arrangement is completed then talk. I remembered playing in panorama when Andy did Coffee street I played with another band at the time and Skiffle Bunch was on the drag people had the worst to say about that arrangement even calling it a funeral song. Today that same new fresh take on panorama arranging at the time stands out to be memorable a unique piece I see those same people say that Skiffle should have placed higher in that final. Trinis especially stop judging give the man a chance a world class none Trini panman fell inlove with what some of us fail to enjoy!

Comment by Everard Babb on December 7, 2012 at 8:14pm

 Nice music, but this is not panorama music, more like relaxing  and romantic music to me.

Comment by arlington c peters on December 7, 2012 at 3:25pm

Good for the concert hall ,but not the big panorama stage.listen to Splinters,that is tune for de panorama stage.FUH REAL.

Comment by wmlpan on December 7, 2012 at 2:58pm

Hmm - Andy Narell may have made it to the finals before, but only because the "judges" put on a different set of "ears" to listen to what he arranged, and judged him in his own category (even if they were not 'aware' of it).  Unless Andy re-arranges this piece of music drastically different from the way he has actually composed it, if he makes it to the finals for 2013 with his own 'style' again it would be because those "judges" are doing the same thing by him they did previously - judging him with separate criteria.

I have almost all of Andy's CDs and very much like several tracks on them, but The last word is NOT for the TrinidadTobago Panorama format, at least not as composed.  World Music Festival - definitely.  Panorama in Trinbago. NO.

Comment by arlington c peters on December 7, 2012 at 2:58pm

Too much cooks in the pot.Everyone thinks they know everything about pan and the culture.The right thing wasn"t done at the right time to keep the art safe.Now (de ting) everywhere ,all over the world .Everyone trying to make a buck with(de ting).They making ,tuning,arranging and making a buck with (de ting).They even have pan factory,pan plant,pan studios,mass producting (DE TING) everywhere else but in trini where it originated.come on people(trini talk now) lewe come together and find ah way to make (DE TING) which is "PAN" wok nah man.More money is being made OUTSIDE than INSIDE the country.We are at each others throats a lill to much i think.People who know something about (DE TING) leave trini and teaching and showing and telling everything about it more than they did when they lived there.Its so sad.People listen to CULTURE RISE UP.

Comment by winston mauricette on December 7, 2012 at 10:16am

The Master at work again making beautiful music . ,Always sounding good .

Comment by patrick on December 7, 2012 at 9:58am

I am listening to this music all day. Sweet too bad, the best, something Andy brings out of the steel-drum, like its a totally different sounding instrument. Thanks for bringing this music to Trinidad panorama 2013.

Comment by Charlene Lusk on December 7, 2012 at 1:00am

Sorry Gettes, You guys have a history of thinking like that...you probably ride around on a Pink Elephant and use a Flying Carpet. Still, it's no use. Bye. I am that I am. Oh, by the way, try to get connected with your own culture. I'm sure that you'll find it's neither Jazz nor Pan....

Comment by david gettes on December 6, 2012 at 11:17pm

Ansel, I am not comparing myself to anyone as you state. And i certainly have the right to voice my opinion about the redundant formulas approach repeated in recent panorama arrangements. You are the first person i know who does not recognize this.  Furthermore, the art form does not belong to Trinidad, as you say, it was invented in Trinidad, that is a big difference.  Most Trinidadians know this too, just as Jazz does not belong to the USA. Bagels to not belong to Israel.  I would love this tune if it was arranged by Jit or Boogsie. II think its interesting and i cant wait to hear Birdsong  play it.  And finally, I find your comments offensive, discriminatory, and short sighted therefore i think it best if we agree to disagree. If you want to discuss more my email is panhouse2k@yahoo.com  Perhaps we can understand each others perspective better but maybe not.

Comment by hollis clifton on December 6, 2012 at 11:12pm

Hey Guys, In my view "The Last Word" does indeed sound a bit laid back. Maybe because Panorama has a morality of its own... like a place and a time too. So folks are expectant of the crescendos etc. etc.. Who knows maybe when The Last Words" are converted into lyrics and sung by one of the bards it might take on a different tone ... just might who knows time will tell who will have the last word

Comment by Claude Gonzales on December 6, 2012 at 10:57pm

Andy has a way of hearing the TRINIDAD PAN IDIOM and reproducing it with an American Jazz flair that is totally unique. The flow of this song is amazing although I believe that he reached the mountain top with WE KINDA MUSIC -- a peak never ever to be attained again.

Comment by Cecil hinkson on December 6, 2012 at 10:49pm

People listen to Zanda music. I like where he is taking panorama music.

Comment by Cecil hinkson on December 6, 2012 at 10:37pm

Beautiful Music but not for the "Big Yard" I have to echo the two ole men Andy met in the rum shop when he arrange Coffee Street for Skiffle Bunch.

Comment by Charlene Lusk on December 6, 2012 at 10:21pm

Gettes, when I was touring Europe with one of the first Pan sides along with Rudy "Two Left" Smith in the sixties, I don't know where you were.  But, yes, it's personal because you try to compare yourself with people who the art form belongs to and who have lived that way of life. You criticize very subtly when you say they play the same chromatics over and over. You know that the same 12 notes are involved. But you know what? Try telling any Jazz musician how often they use the Min7th to Dom.7th progression or why is the Blues progressions the same every time why is it based on the flatted 7th or the flatted 5th or the in an outs of the cycle of 4ths. Oh I know we have never been formally trained but here's what. Look all over the world and see if you can find 100 to 200 people playing Classical music without written music.  Like Miles Davis says, I can always know when I hear a foreigner play a Pan. No hard feelings. You can live to a hundred you will not become a Pan man because of who you met, or how you think it should become. Like all other cultures in the world it happens with and by the peoples of that culture. Take my word for it...  

Comment by david gettes on December 6, 2012 at 9:24pm

Ansel, Sorry you took my comments so personal. I had no desire or intention of that. For the record I have played in Panoramas starting back in 1989 - that's 23 years ago ! I have hardly been on the steel pan sidelines. I have  worked with many super heavy weights in the steel pan world including many years as one of Ellie's apprentices (and Tabu and Roland to name a few). I have sweat through building several school and university steel orchestras programs- tenors to basses,  built and tuned by me, alone, 100%   I have tried to read almost everything ever written about pan (including the just released book by Angela Smith that is outstanding) Why? because it's my passion, and therefore my responsibility to be maximally informed  - and i just enjoy it. I have the utmost respect for the creators and developers of this art form. And you know what - you may be surprised to know- the many I've had the privilege to meet and learn from have the utmost respect for me cause they see my passion and support my desire to advance this art-form that i love.   If you think the pan Jumbie discriminates on who gets bitten- well i disagree. This isn't a we verses them thing. In fact, I know many Trinidadians that feel exactly the way i do- that many recent panorama arrangements aren't that creative, meaning the same chromatic runs are heard, the same chord changes- the same modulations- the same harmonies etc. It makes no difference to me who creates new art. I just like to see, or in this case hear, new ideas. Its that simple. So I am puzzled why you took such offense to my comment and want you to know i meant no offense to you or anyone. This arrangement (The Last Word) was posted for all to listen to. I posted that i like it a lot and explained why. If you disagree, fine. Again, no disrespect to you, or anyone, from anywhere.

Comment by Charlene Lusk on December 6, 2012 at 7:57pm

Gettes, Here what, all of a sudden Steel Pan players are mindless and need the guidance of non Trinbagonians to raise the standard of the Steel Pan that has got this far with just trial and error enough to attract people like you and many others because of it's unique phenoenom and is now lacking? Listen you problably misunderstood. I like all of Andy's music. I find no fault with his music in general. Personally, I think he is a well studied musician. But get this: that's not any part of our music which Panorama is based on and yes the Pan men and women of our culture made it the way is and will in the future. You are also cordially invited to take part in what has now become a world wide show designed in Trinidad for Trinidadians and you can stand on the side lines and give all the coments you like. That won't change a thing. This Trinbago's Culture is on the move dude...Ansel

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