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Go to the Apple App Store to download https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/steelpan-app-pro-kids/id1536468678

This app is the most popular steelpan learning and music discovery tool. Learn how to play the Steelpan like a pro with our Steelpan Professor with Core MIDI capabilities.

This Steelpan App PRO Kids possesses technology that is PATENTED.

When you download this app it comes with 11 different tones for eg. Alto Sax, Violin, Guitar, and much more. NO in-app purchases needed. It also comes with the “Steelpan Professor” NO in-app purchase needed.

This app comes with 9+ different Steelpan instruments (Tenor/Soprano, Double Tenor, Double Seconds/Alto, and Triple Cello, to name a few) perfect for virtual learning.

This app possesses some features of the E-Pan; the World's 1st Electronic Synthesized Steelpan. It is as the name implies; the BEST steelpan app on the market. Not only can you play different styles of steelpan on instruments such as Tenor (soprano voice), Double Tenor (alto voice), Double Seconds (alto voice), Double Guitar (tenor voice), Triple Cello (tenor voice), 4 Pan Cello (tenor voice), Tenor Bass (baritone voice), Six Bass (bass voice) and Seven Bass (bass voice), but it is a teaching tool.

This Steelpan App PRO Kids is the first and only app that allows users to "Edit Pad Mapping" by programming any note in any location he/she sees fit.

This app comes with and has a feature called “Steelpan Professor” allowing users to learn any 9 kids songs available. It also had a feature that works with iOS Core MIDI system. For example, when you connect your tablet or smartphone to a keyboard or electronic steelpan, you can play your instrument and the exact notes will be mirrored on your tablet or smartphone with the sound coming from your tablet or smartphone.

• This Steelpan App PRO Kids allows you to teach and learn virtually.
• Once you have acquired the "Steelpan Professor" the history-making arrangements from Duvone Stewart come FREE; "The year for love" (played by BP Renegades) and "Limbo" (played by Pan Elders).
•It allows you to learn any of the 9 songs available.
• It allows you to change octaves.
• It has a note display feature.
• The Steelpan App PRO Kids provides access to the sounds of 11 musical instrument which is built-in to the app.
• Users can also choose any particular instrument range as the Steelpan App PRO Kids will be able to play the complete range from the highest Tenor (soprano voice) B6 to the lowest Bass (bass voice) E1.
• With the use of a lightning connector you can connect your tablet or smartphone to a MIDI controller, keyboard, or electronic Steelpan (such as the E-Pan). Playing the controller will control this app lighting up the corresponding note.
• Steelpan App PRO Kids will facilitate play-along to accompany your favourite songs (karaoke-style) by using the Steelpan Professor.
• It will help you learn how to read music.
• It will help you to teach in the classroom digitally.
• It will help you to create tutorials digitally when hooked up to a controller.
•This Steelpan App PRO Kids is for children and DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE WEB. Adults, please download the Steelpan App PRO for web access.

• IMPORTANT - After downloading this app, please turn the ringer "on" on your device and turn the volume up in order to hear the instruments play.
• Place two fingers on the screen and with a pinching motion, the user would be able to select an instrument of choice.
• Pressing the "Edit Pad Mapping" button allows users to change the notes. After pressing the "Edit Pad Mapping" button, first, press the note you would like to change to select it then press the "up" and "down" arrow to scroll to your note and octave of choice.

This app does not have access to the internet. You will have to download Steelpan App PRO.

To access the Steelpan

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