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BOOK REVIEW: The Illustrated Story of Pan, Second Edition by Kim Johnson

There is this thing about books on the steelpan and the steelband movement. They are sometimes large books with plenty words. There are not that many books though; certainly, less illustrated coffee-table sized books have been written on the steelpan than on the electric guitar for instance, or the piano The thing is, Kim…


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Music notation:

Dear pan community, during the ninth century, Guido d’Arezzo invented western music notation. In the twentieth century, Trinidad and Tobago invented the steel pan. Western music notation took hundreds of years to arrive where it is today. Brass and combo bands read music notation to accompany calypsonians. Philharmonic orchestras read music notations when performing in concerts. Police and military bands read music notation in march parades. Many steel orchestra…


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The passing of a Matriarch and steelpan activist

Today, in this Holy Month of Ramadan. The Most Merciful Allah has called back his servant my mother (Iris Wilson). She was 102 years, having given a long innings. We are grateful. I consider my mother a steelpan activist as she was instrumental in having her yard used as a "panyard" for the original Flamingoes in the village. She was the Matriach of the famiy. (RIP Ummi)

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Tips, Tricks, Theory...Now on the web...

"Tips..Tricks..Theory E-book" by A. Eric McAllister

An informative, easy to follow e-book, written with beginner to intermediate panists in mind. It discusses the History of Pan, Music Theory and Playing Techniques. While the Steelband family is made up of several instruments, the focus of this book is the Fourths/Fifths Low Tenor. This book comes complete with example audio…


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"Back then Ivan Williams used to be the 'Doc's bodyguard; so it was about eight of them there, plus his daughter Erica. That one Calypso caused a controversy. That is one of the things I will remember throughout my career as well. Back then it was tension in the air. I said to myself, "Look what a Calypso could cause nah boy." Ivan Williams came and he told me that I could sing the song. I sang the song and the crowd went wild. They came for that." VALENTINO. (NOT…


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Greetings from Finland.... my inquiry

Greetings from Finland....
I wonder if you can help?
where can i buy this Steel pan Double-CD I've been looking for for years! (even in good condition)
Best Regards: ps Steel pan music 
Lähettäjä: pekka_savinainen@hotmail.fi

Päiväys: 17. huhtikuuta 2021 klo 9.33.55 UTC+3

Aihe: Phase II Pan Groove World Music featuring Len 'Boogsie'…

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Why Goddard Succeeded And All Others Keep Failing (Stay Message Focused, Now.)

Good Tuesday morning to All: We should all be familiar with the numerous individuals and groups who entered the arena claiming to want to "do something for pan". (Boogsie) From Arnold to Ramsey-Moore, neither of these current or former presidents of the steelbands' association (Pan Trinbago) have ever come remotely close to the long list of successes of the "Godfather" of the Steelband Movement, George "Sonny" Goddard. As Co-Founder of steelbands' major event, Panorama, Goddard's long list…


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What Didn't Work - Corruption From Deep Within.

Tomorrow, I suggest what may work. But for now, understand that these are corrupt men of ill will. The former president dared relay a threat to me, and had my mother very concerned in 2014. At Roger Israel's office, while on speakerphone, the rogue ex-leader would engage in an expletive-filled rant, telling the (then) permanent secretary to "DON'T GIVE DEM GODDARD BOYS NOTHING!", in our attempts to get help with the town hall meeting. (Yeah; we got nothing. lol.) And, all this while he…


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Ash Wednesday Message - The Camel and The Rich Man: Pick One.

I admit; I am no Christian, but then again neither was the thief who allegedly was offered "everlasting life". I admit; I am neither Jesus Christ, nor a thief, but I am able to recognize which "camps" people belong to ('scuse the grammar). How? BY THEIR WORKS! (Caps, for emphasis.) I know that some people have the ability and skills to serve two (or more) "masters" -- God, Devil, good, evil -- and, today becomes earmarked as the day some return to their "Christianity", having served the…


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Black History Month - Pan-Africanism And The Connecting Of The Steel Drum/Steelpan To Black History

Pan-Africanism And The Connecting Of The Steel Drum/Steelpan To Black History

Most people with a basic knowledge of the history of the steel drum/steelpan/pan, have no…


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Passing of Cyril Darceuil

Cyril%20Darceuil%20.jpgThe Passing of Cyril Darceuil

The sun has set on the physical presence of a Casablanca Icon. On Christmas day Cyril Dareuil at 92 years quietly ceased to be part of our physical space. He will be remembered by those who knew him as a contributor to the musical experience of the Casablanca Steelband. His slim sartorial presence was accentuated…


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Helping Shape Lives

I am asking for your help to raise money to support students in Trinidad that don't have access to a proper e-learning device. Here is a facebook fundraiser that I have going with more information. Thank you!


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Somebody shout "They Kill Bou-Cou-Meh, Oh God He Dead! He Dead!"

The warfare between two rival gangs Tokyo from Marabunta territory and Desperadoes was not anticipated to culminate in murder, but it did, after months of rioting for turf and prestige with the occasional buss-head and cutlass slashes, in this instance, in this clash, a dagger made from the fabled Stingray poisonous bone, found a home in the heart of Bou-Cou-Meh. He lay there on the pavement bleeding out as…


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Passing of Dr Anthony Achong

The UWI Community mourns the passing of Dr Anthony Achong who passed away on June 29, 2020. DR Achong was an academic who devoted much of his research to steelpan technology.

He began his academic career in UWI Mona in 1970 where he started as a Part-Time Tutor in 1970 and then worked his way up to become a Lecturer in Physics in 1975 where he…


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Music Loses A Musician


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"Music While We're Inside Free Concert XXIV"

Don't forget to register by clicking on the link below for "Music While We're Inside Free Concert XXIV" to catch Sean & Ruby duet performance featuring spoken word by Ruby accompanied by Sean on double seconds steel drums & drums.

Date: Sun, August 23, 2020

Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT



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When Jordan Played

When Jordan Played

A poem inspired by the music of jazz pianist Irving "Duke" Jordan

Words - Ruby Boddie
Voicing - Ruby Boddie
Steelpan accompanist - Sean Thomas



Added by Sean Thomas on August 16, 2020 at 8:04pm — No Comments

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