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Panorama and Politics: The State and Steelband¹

(Part 1 of a T&T Guardian series on Panorama)

The annual ritual of the steelband Panorama competition has begun in Trinidad and Tobago, and continues apace through the stages culminating on Carnival Saturday with the finals. With the financial cutbacks across the board in all areas of the economy including Carnival, there is a…


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Dr JIT SamarooThe Honorary Doctorate bestowed on Dr Samaroo was truly deserved

Dr JIT Samaroo

The Honorary Doctorate bestowed on Dr Samaroo was truly deserved

He is the most gifted and the humblest of persons I have ever met and known in my entire life.

He has left us a legacy and record that will not be easily broken/achieved in a long, long time.

He has left the Renegades Steel Orchestra with many fond memories and achievements that will never be forgotten by generations.

As a true Trini son of the soil; he excelled in the musical field, and let…


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Pan Awakens! (Star Wars Premiere in Poland on Pan!)


Ambers Steel Band, Poland's first and as yet, only Steel Band in Poland played on the recent Star Wars Premiere, and arrangement of 'Duel of the Fates, Imperial March and the Force theme'. It all happened so fast but took some time to get done. Hope you can spare a minute to like and share on! These kids deserve…


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It is a shame that a big band like Skiffle Bunch cannot produce some young Trinidad Arrangers from their sponsored band. You have over a hundred players every year and the question is. Why can't you train some of them in music and arrangements? By importing Foreign Born Arrangers just to win a Panorama shows bad management and a lack of shame and a slap in our country's education abilities. There is no excuse for your Band's decision. Stalin, Merchant and Relator…


Added by John dunbar on December 8, 2015 at 7:42am — 9 Comments

Casablanca Steelpan Orchestra

The hills of Escalier lands and Sorzanoville provided safe haven for the Orisha drummers, the tambour bamboo bands and the Casablanca Steelband. The valley which descended from the Laventille hills between Hermitage Road and Quarry Street to the East Dry River was defined as the community space for Casablanca first generation contributors to the new sound and music emerging from different sectors in the city. Enjoy the pictures,words and music from the Casablanca community. The website…


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Steel pan champ launches formal complaint after pub ban

A manager of the Hungry Horse pub in in Birmingham claimed the talented musician was trying to 'hawk' around his music

Written by Poppy Brady

26/10/2015 02:55 PM

BANNED: Mighty Jamma

STEELPAN champion Mighty Jamma has put in a formal complaint to West Midlands Police after he was arrested outside one of his regular pubs, where he says the manager…


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Pan @ Clifton Hill Beach

Those of you who were not at Clifton Hill Beach facility yesterday missed a treat. There were super performances by Pan Elders, Brimblers, Skifle, Supernova and All Stars to name most of the bands. Where were all the so called "pan lovers"! It was free so cost was not a factor. One thing is certain, All Stars simply cannot close off with Woman on the base and pack up as they attempted too. While packing after playing a long stint they had to reassemble and play Curry Tabanca that satisfied…


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Invaders Steel Orchestra SYMPOSIUM

Greetings all!

You are cordially invited to Invaders Symposium titled "TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO STEELBANDS: The Way Forward
This Symposium is open to the public and FREE of charge. 
The presenters at this Symposium includes Dr. Jeanine Remy, Michael Dinchong and Joanna Shortt.
Topics of discussion are as follows: 
  • The way forward for steelband music
  • The future role of women in…

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I agree with Patrice that people  are not interested in the small bands. Keep the

Small Bands and Pan Around the Neck competition in August at the Savannah so they will have their own patrons and more interest will be given to them.

Go back to the Large and medium bands as before for Carnival. Why? The stands are always almost empty even in the big band competition because you…


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For those of us who believe that God corrects human mistakes, this victory for Trinidad All Stars is nothing short of justice served. Panorama 1987 is often referred to as the bench-mark moment that the people knew the judges were fallible when they placed All Stars 'Curry Tabanca' in 4th place. It is regarded as a sin against the very culture of Trinbago. Although we still bare the scar of that injustice, we can now wear it with pride as we have lived to see that masterpiece and the…


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Query and Suggestion

Congratulations to Pan Trinbago for actually bringing off  the International Conference and Panorama.  I have a query and suggestion. First the suggestion: I think form now on all Panorama bands should consist of  no more than 60 players. This would be one sure way of allowing available pannists to be spread around for all steelbands. Now my query. How come Keith Diaz could boast on radio that we in Trinidad and Tobago are the only people in the world that can have their national anthem…


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Bad Habits

Knocking on the rim or skirt of the steelpan to get the attention of players and or count to begin a song is a habit I would like to see discontinued. I do not allow anyone to do this to my pans and I do not do it to others. I do not see conductors nor arrangers of other instruments doing this. I believe it is time to eradicate this habit as it is very annoying and unprofessional. Let us set high standards for our young steelpan musicians and teach them how to care for our National…


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My format for playing positions at the 2015 International Panorama

I was concerned that if the format for the bands playing positions was the same as the Trinidad Panorama, and all the top guns picked in the first 10.  Well, that would not happen at the 2015 ICP Panorama.

I heard on radio that the bands would be grouped,                              so I am hoping for the following or similar 6-group format.

All Stars<>United States<>Canada<>Steel Explosion

Phase II<>United States<>Canada<>Super…


Added by Ian Franklin on August 5, 2015 at 12:43am — 1 Comment

Toronto Carnival

Toronto’s kids’ carnival

By Lincoln Depradine

Toronto, July 19, 2015 – The Festival Management Committee (FMC), organizer of the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, presented a public preview of what’s to be expected when the big parade is held on August 1.

Last Saturday’s FMC Junior Carnival and Family Day was a colourful and exciting…


Added by Lincoln Depradine on July 19, 2015 at 12:09pm — 1 Comment

The O.S.A. ( again )

Pan Alive ‘dead’ band leader says

Pan Alive may well be alive this year but it could be wounded due to a dispute between the leaders of the two largest steel bands and Ontario Steelpan Association (OSA) over funding.

The annual presentation by OSA slated for July 31 at Lamport Stadium is a significant and popular event during Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival

“Dead!” said an adamant Wendy Jones, leader of Pan Fantasy, an 80-member core mobile…


Added by Jerry Bain on July 6, 2015 at 6:22pm — 4 Comments

Formation of All female stage sides from within the large steelbands

Female stage sides will bring greater exposure for the talents of our female pannists,and further BRAND  Trinidad and Tobago as the indigenous  home of the Steelband.  Such Female Stage Sides will be in great demand overseas .for appearances at concerts,at parties,at Entertainment and Amusement Parks such as Disney World, Disneyland,Epcot Center,Universal etc. etc.and on Cruise Ships.    This will provide the opportunity for these young women to earn some good US Dollars and to travel and…


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Norman Darway Died

I just Heard that Norman Darway Steelband Historian Has Passed on Wednesday. May He R.I.P

Added by VALENTINE YOUNG on June 26, 2015 at 7:58pm — 4 Comments

Condolences to the first 9-bass panist, Mr. Joseph "Franklyn" Gerald on the passing of his mother.

Mrs. Lilita Hazzard mother of "Franklyn" and Gerald passed on in Trinidad. She would have celebrated her 87th birthday in July. Mrs. Hazzard will be buried on Monday. RIP mom, and all the best to you "Franklyn", the first 9-bass panist in 1974, and the family 

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S.N.S.E. ( St James North stars Steel orchestra Enterprise) to take Default Judgment to Privy council...

With the advice of the Caribbean Court of Justice, the Integrity Commision, and the U.S. Library of Congress Washing ton D.C., we have the RIGHT to explore these option, THEREFORE; we at SNSE will be taking our "Default Judgment" to the Privy Council, where the defendant et al / and others has fail to file a defense, which allowed us SNSE, to file for "Judgment by Default " a Court procedure requierment,  meaning, the defendant et al has lost their case, and consequently, according to (…


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