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Are we here on WST to discuss old time story or for the purpose of bringing about definite and long lasting change for the benefit of all steelpan men and steelpan women

Having observed the attitude of we /us the members of WST on the forum,,there was redicule,,hate,,non co-operation,,silence,,forgiveness,,and still therafter redicule,,which as grown ups I found it to be very shameful,,2013 was a year of attacks and egotism at the ending of the year there was a resolution I do presume,, for betterment,progress,,focus towards Pantrinbago,,,but it seems to  me that  inner discontent/hate for persons that do produce  a tangible program/Steelpan Wise ,,are…


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Pan on D"Avenue

NLCB Fonclaire you have got it all keep on going on, ah hope that the Prime Minister take note once more and support the PAN,music aint got colour,creed,colour race ,religion or border.,,,,its an International Language and Pan,   the Steelpan Tops it all,,and I do  make my comment as a Panman,,place a DJ and Place the Pan in a Party well I going weh de Pan deh,,,trust meh, Respect

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Pan on D<AVenue

In viewing this live broadcast with Niel and Massey my respect and congrats to this magnificient Steelband an it,s players,,tie music took me back to wen I was a youth now getting involved in pan playing,not leaving out the well tuned instruments..God Bless T&T ,,Pan Got To Live On,,,from the heart of a Panman.Nuff respect Niel and Massey

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Music the international language.

I had once mentioned before, that i,m from a country of approximately 9 different culture and languages and as a steelpan player i played hundustani music[[[indian music//such as sohani raat/// dil liki deko,soja soha//bigi pokoe this is a type of folklore music in suriname///indonesian music,,,dutch music,,,soul,,,reggae,,,,r&b,,,waltz,,,music from the hare rama hare christna relegion,,,,now to make it more explicit once more,, MUSIC HAS NO BOUNDARIES,,,RELIGION,,,RACE,,,CULTURE OR…


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School for steelpan tuners.

As an old panplayer, owing to the fact that trinidad and tobago is having the expertise and possibly the resources,  i know not , but i do hope that an effort can be made for a school to be established for the purpose of steelpan making, thus taking into consideration at the said time that those persons, the steelpan tuners  inolved in the process of giving the lessons and those students having the intuition to learn to make the steelpans also be reimbursed, possibly be paid a monthly salary to… Continue

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