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Steel Orchestras have to get together and brainstorm how to get into the Transportation and the Chroming of Pans Business.

I may not have the dollar, you may not have the dollar, he/she may not have the dollar. However, if WE get into COLLECTIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP, WE WILL HAVE THE DOLLARS.

From 2007 through 2017, The Large Bands Panorama Finalists have grossed $60,750,000.00 in prize monies.

It is time the Steel Orchestras work so they can benefit.
The Truckers, The Chromers, The Pan Makers, The Arrangers, The Decorators, The Managers, The Captains and now we have The "Drill Masters." This is the breakdown from the top top high to the low low, to the crackshots and then to the steel orchestras/robot players.

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Comment by Morning Glory on March 3, 2017 at 9:35pm
Oh my LORD,,,,,This is what I have been waiting to hear on this WST,,,,I truly believe that if the bands can get together ,,,instead of only studying Panorama ,and "who come first and who shoulda come first". They CAN DO big things.Just as you suggested,,, Pan Trinbago,should have already had their own unique sound system ,designed especially FOR PAN, for All COMPETITIONS AND CONCERTS.And their own Pan Chrome factory,and drum making factory,,,,also at least some sort of transportation trucks. All these things would also provide jobs for PANIST ,who are not already gainfully employed. As Mr.Ian Franklin showed$60,750,000.00was paid out in the last ten years,and that is not including other MONIES received from Sponsors, Government, Gate Receipts. Between the Government, and the Business Community," the sponsors ", UTT,and A forward thinking Pan Trinbago,THIS CAN BE DONE. OH,LORD ITS TIME TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT TNT IS REALLY THE PAN MECCA,IN ALL ASPECTS. HAVE A BLESSED THOUGHT ON THIS MATTER,,,,PLEASEEEEE.JAPAN,DENMARK, ENGLAND,AND OTHERS ARE ALREADY MAKING BOLD STRIDES. And if we don't make some moves NOW ,we will be left behind. Blessings.

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