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At 5:42pm on March 30, 2020, terence sweeney said…

Thank you Mr Clarke things are OK

At 9:21am on September 4, 2015, Cecil hinkson said…
Happy Birthday Gerard, be blessed.
At 3:52am on May 11, 2013, Charlene Lusk said…

Gerard, I haven't forgotten where I grew up man, and where I learned monopoly, where I saw my first robot that answered all those game questions. Don't forget, I'm the one who used to keep you in check. And I was the bodyguard, remember? That's where we learned to play draft. Remember when we used to run out to your Uncle Geoff's car with the crown on the front? I learned so much from your relatives it ain't funny. Ma Clarke was the greatest. And of course, the triplets was my favorite. I never forgot. I still feel like part of the family. They were my college associates. Remember we used to play in the orphanage with the Wickhams? Hey, what happened to that Barnes guy...I forgot his nickname. Good to read your comment about the mango tree. Ansel.

At 11:33pm on April 25, 2012, Gregory Lindsay said…

I have had some discussions with an highly placed individual close to the President of PT at the organisation last week and I am hoping to get some insight to my inquiries from observations and documentation received on this topic. I have knowledge of certain things and if I begin to talk and produce documentary evidence in my possession, some individuals will lose their bids for re-election of their jobs in PanTrinbago and maybe need a Senior Counsel. But it will clearly provide the answer to this salient question being asked in this discussion.

I have been silent on the forum for a while for a reason.When I say what I say it is the truth,..from the ground in the pan world in T&T. So given that for me it is not a place for idle ole talk and foolishness or a laundry to wash the organization's dirty linen.  With Pan Jazz in Tobago this weekend, Point Fortin Borough Day next weekend then leading into STEELFEST right after, I am hopeful that I will get the truthful response to my inquiries in a reasonable amount of time from the President himself or a suitably placed designated emissary . 

A word to the wise; the properly constituted number of meetings that PT is suppose to have with the body is stymied. It is an election year and that is due in October. The COSCERO (PT Central & Regional Officers)  meetings have also seemed to have gone off line. Given this the opportunity to raise my concerns internally at an association meeting can be likened to a mirage in the desert.  So it might appear from a strategic communciations standpoint (or subsequent lack thereof) allegedly that a 'cabal of officers' is running the affairs of the movement with no properly constituted oversight of the general membership or regional secretariat sectors.


Should PT fail to respond to my enquiries posed, I hope when I get ready to let down my bucket on When Steel Talks that your server can handle the traffic. Because although I am asking the same questions being asked to the PT hierarchy in advance, I never seem to quite get the attention needed to provide answers until I began posting them on the WST network.


I will continue to be patient and kind with my leaders elected and appointed at PT, but at the appointed time and hour, as we all know the longest rope has an end.Until next time,...I will continue to be as NCC's CEO Moe categorises me 'a purist' and a steelband leader in the unsponsored fraternity..WST keep up the great work that you do in the Diaspora in loving up the pan.

At 11:30pm on March 24, 2012, Steve "Carter" K. said…

Gerard you are probably correct for I have never heard of North Stars connected with the Bomb Competition .

At 7:26pm on October 13, 2011, Cheryl Flemming said…
Thanks so much for the imput and the credit should indeed go to Ray Holman first........love the pan so let us keep it Alive.

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