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Dingolay - Metro Steel Orchestra - Clive Bradley arranger - 1992

Shadow's "Dingolay" as arranged by the late, great Clive Bradley, is considered by many to be one of his great masterpieces. The year is 1992, and Metro Steel Orchestra, under the musical guidance of Bradley, has won two consecutive New York panoramas. And Bradley - now having the winning arrangement three out of the last five years - is laying down the prelude and beginning chapters of the future great panorama tales. The musical feats that would lead to New York becoming known as "Bradley's Town," were in full effect.

In 1992 the New York panorama scene had become a fiercely competitive musical arena - indeed several of the world's greatest steelband music arrangers were now regular participants in the annual affair. Going now for the hat trick, Bradley would pull out all stops in creating this classic. "Dingolay" with Metro would garner this arranger his third win in a row (and so making four titles in the last six years). Ironically, this would be Bradley's last title for a while, as he would leave the New York steelband scene for six years before returning with a vengeance.

This audio track of Dingolay is only a simple two-track recording made with a handheld recorder during a pan yard practice session. While the audio quality is not that great, it does however allow listeners the opportunity to hear Bradley in his New York mode of operation, which was considerably different than his Trinidad approach. In spite of the inability to discern most of the harmonic content and musical counter play, this arrangement is famous - for it is a good study for 'Bradleyites.' Elements of the Big Band era, Rhythm and Blues, and Ragtime and Soul - in addition to classical Calypso movements and motifs - are woven seamlessly together to tell a story as only Clive Bradley has ever been able to.

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