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Cecil Hinkson: I disagree with you that the market for instrumental music is almost dead

Cecil, Boy: Ah under heavy manners on this forum. Brenda Hosang tell me to stop posting using CAPS. And ah next fellah tell me and bugs not to talk about basketball if we really love pan. And ah buy two CDs from ah english girl and she demanding that I like and approve of the music unequivocally. And Oswald Alexander come back on the forum and telling me to stay in America and help and doh come back home.

And now you telling me that the instrumental music market is almost dead so is ah waste ah time dreaming about a pan CD that could take the world by storm ... so my dreams are turning to ashes and all my hopes into bits of clay (I am sure that you recognize those lyrics).

Ah forget to mention Caspar Durant. Is plenty pressure to stay on this forum boy being a political animal above all else. Anyway, if somebody put down a good pan cd (instrumental with zero vocals) the world go bawl for murder. Ah going to meh grave believing that!!!

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I sometimes think that we have lost the ability to appreciate the beauty of a skilled musician mastering his or her musical instrument, be it pan , saxophone , trumpet or guitar.

We have been seduced by technology , even in the steel pan world , and the economics of the music industry has made music more the province of skilled computer programmers , than talented musicians.

Jazz , and guitar oriented rock are the only popular genres that showcase musical skills, and the jazz genre has lost some of its luster with the young..

As far as the steelband is concerned , I think it needs  its own musical genre.that is pleasing to the senses , easy to understand and appreciate , and capable of  creating a festive , partying image in one's mind.

Learning and playing music that is more party oriented and less  about competition  may be a good start.

As a junior member in the pan industry but a senior in Caribbean entertainment, I beg to intervene in a somewhat very interesting conversation. One that has intrigued me for years.  Ever since I saw the results of a Tripoli performance in 1972 in Niagara falls NY which was a disappointment for the pan advancement in a higher level I sought to a  remedy that would justify an otherwise tragic event.. The performance?  First class, The problem? wrong venue, wrong audience, hence the cancellation of the rest of shows which were to last a week but ending after 3 shows.. The mistake made was thinking that Americans and the rest of the world see pan the same way we do...Not so , not so at all.The majority of Americans who could promote pan to its rightful status see pan as a beach, under coconut tree entertainment the same way they see limbo.Then Ken Edwards and Shemika Charles proved them wrong That's why Ken ended up on the "Merv Griffin" show and Shemika on "America's got talent". This proves that if we impress theses big wheelers with our infinite talent we could end up like the Beatles when Ed Sullivan discovered them..The big question,  can we do it? Answer,  certainly..Will we?  in trini terms ah eh no. That's a big move it takes discipline, motivation ambition and cooperation to achieve a goal so beyond our realm. I say that because as far as pan goes what first comes to mind is panorama, Patronized by most trinis until the finals and its back to rap and dub, saying to pan men you had your turn now its time to party...No other country does that. Back then when I was a teenager and lent kicked in I didnt know of any other music that was put on hold and no one made a big issue at the time.. But now its here to bite us, in a modern world where the music industry is in the front row of our lives and pan right up there potentially but struggling to emerge to its platform we see more questions than answers. I would like someone, anyone to tell me that a concert featuring, men like Robert Greenige, Boogsie Sharp, Andy Narrell, Teague, Othello, Rudy smith and others whether a solo performance or parts thereof isnt warranted a sellout in many parts of the world, in other words ,  has the world ever seen the like of such a show, isnt it time we the pan supporters pay tribute to the creators of this world wonder by finally introducing it to the world in a way to assure acceptance in style and grandeur worthy of its production.. Well I do, and I'm quite willing to do my part if and when called upon...Bob Diaz..


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