Panorama - Tunes for 2009

Panorama - Tunes for 2009 ‘Bandoleros’ Sung by “Tunapuna Scanty” - composed & arranged by Miguel Reyes “Pan Wisdom” sung by Crazy - composed by Phil Hawkins * “Brazilian Flagwoman” sung by Anselm Douglas - composed by Amrit Samaroo & Mark Loquan * “Rocketman” sung by Crazy - composed by Ray Holman * “Savannah Fever” sung by Marvellous Marva - composed by Terry Figuera * “Pan Rivalry” sung by Larry Harewood - composed by Leon ‘Smooth’ Edwards * “We Eh Leaving” sung by Felix “Tony G” George - composed by Martin “Andy” Sheafe * “First in De Line” sung by Eunice Peters - composed by Edwin Pouchet & Alvin Daniell * “Just Right” sung by Anthony Johnson - composed by Brian “Bean” Griffith * “Wild & Wonderful” sung by Olatunji - composed by Edwin Pouchet & Alvin Daniell * “River Lime” sung by by Derek Seales - composed by by Don Clarke & Alvin Daniell * “Hostile” sung by by Carl “De Panman” Richards - composed by by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe & Alvin Daniell * “Pan Baby” sung by Crazy - composed by Amrit Samaroo * “Dangerous” sung by Colin Lucas/Anselm Douglas - composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore * “D Trini Way” sung by Destra Garcia - composed by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore * “Festival Time” sung by 3 Canal - composed by Pelham Goddard & 3 Canal” “Caribbean Woman” sung by Anslem Douglas - composed by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe “Pan Redemption” sung by Tony Prescott - composed by Jason Isaacs & Ingrid de Peiza “Magic Drum” sung by Machel Montano - composed by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe click to hear

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  • Brazilian flagwoman to me is the best beat for a good while.
  • Why are a number of the biggest pan tunes this year unavailable for purchase?
    You should add links to buy the ones that are.
  • Magic Drum, is one of badest pan tunes out there.
  • Finally, the people in the USA is giving one of their own a chance to showcase, that a local can also be considered in a major field, like having their song played for Labor Day at a Panorama.
    • Can you tell me more? Is someone entering US Panorama with an own tune? Wouldn't that be a first?
      • I may be wrong but I think Bandeleros is Yohan Popwell's song sung by Scanty and Sonatas is palying it arranged also by Popwell but it would not be a first since Garvin Blake arranged his own composition for Despers USA somewhere in the late 80's I think........ the song was named Pan Romance and it is also on his cd.....
        • You are wrong,Bandeleros in not Yohan Poppewell's tune,it was written and sung by Scanty.
          • hello ..i was reading your remarks..i am MIGUEL REYES..composer,,arranger and writer of the song Bandoleros..and thank pan sonatas and clico sforzata, for playing and winning with it.
            i am in the shadows ,scanty is in the light.. play on.
          • No you are wrong Earl. Bandoleros was written by Miguel Reyes and sung by Tunapuna Scanty.

            • +Thank you Pan Woman
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