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  • Thanks for this history

  • @ merrytonestothebone -

    Verifying this information has not been easy or fun. The word is according to Mr. Sookram Ali

    There were some errors with the "King & Road March" in CDC annual magazine in the 70s and this came down through the years. CDC had, in error,  1957 as Happy Wanderer also know as Valarie instead of 1955 and left our Nap.

    We feel confident that 1967 is correct. However, there are questions about 1957 and 1953...

  • According to the attached list 1967 had 2 Road Marches…Sixty seven by Kitch and Tisane de Durbon


  • Dr Nelson (Tisane De Durbon). Nap Hepburn. 1967. Sixty Seven.

  • looking at the list, I realize that prior to 1991, All those calypsos, apart from being great melodies were also telling stories in the calypso tradition.

    Even Tambu's  "free up" and "we eh going home" told stories of a sort. After 91, Shadow's "Stranger" and Super Blue's "Signal to Lara" were among the few to tell stories in that tradition.

    The rest are mostly about rhythm and tempo with unmemorable lyrics.

  • Interesting that you picked 1991, Bugs. I never thought about it but you're right. I can hum just about all of them from 1991 down (except 53 and 51)to "Who dead Canaan,

    Who Canaan?

    Canaan Barrow.

    Canaan Barrow went to town

    , and dey shoot him down with a machine gun"

    Can't remember any after 91.

  • I actually have most of these pre-1991 songs in my prized collection.

  • I'm trying to remember if the song made for an advertisement for Tisane de Bourbon (not sure if i spelt that right), became Road March, or that it won Calypso King Title. Maybe someone could refresh my memory

  • Before 1991 was it.......after 1991 total shit ;o()

  • The music really changed after 1991 with Super Blue's Get Something and Wave 

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